Today Day in History for December 12

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Historical Events on 12th December, What Happened on December 12th This Day in History

2012:12-12-12: The Concert for Sandy Relief took place at Madison Square Garden and was broadcast on 20 international television networks to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.
2012:North Korea successfully launches its first satellite, Kwangmyŏngsŏng-3 Unit 2, using a Unha-3 carrier rocket.
2000:The United States Supreme Court releases its decision in Bush v. Gore.
1991:The Russian Federation gains independence from the USSR.
1988:The Clapham Junction rail crash kills thirty-five and injures hundreds after two collisions of three commuter trains—one of the worst train crashes in the United Kingdom.
1985:Arrow Air Flight 1285, a McDonnell Douglas DC-8, crashes after takeoff in Gander, Newfoundland, killing all 256 people on board, including 236 members of the United States Army's 101st Airborne Division.
1984:Maaouiya Ould Sid'Ahmed Taya becomes the third president of Mauritania after a coup d'état against Mohamed Khouna Ould Haidalla while the latter is attending a summit.
1983:The Australian Labor government led by Prime Minister Bob Hawke and Treasurer Paul Keating floats the Australian dollar.
1979:The unrecognised state of Zimbabwe Rhodesia returns to British control and resumes using the name Southern Rhodesia.
1979:President of Pakistan Zia-ul-Haq confers Nishan-e-Imtiaz on Nobel laureate Dr Abdus Salam.
1979:Coup d'état of December Twelfth: South Korean Army Major General Chun Doo-hwan orders the arrest of Army Chief of Staff General Jeong Seung-hwa without authorization from President Choi Kyu-ha, alleging involvement in the assassination of ex-President Par
1969:Years of Lead: Piazza Fontana bombing
1964:Prime Minister Jomo Kenyatta becomes the first President of the Republic of Kenya.
1963:Kenya gains its independence from the United Kingdom.
1958:Guinea joins the United Nations.
1956:Beginning of the Irish Republican Army's "Border Campaign".
1950:Paula Ackerman, the first woman appointed to perform rabbinical functions in the United States, leads the congregation in her first services.
1948:Malayan Emergency: Batang Kali Massacre
1946:A fire at a New York City ice plant spreads to a nearby tenement, killing 37 people.
1942:A fire in a hostel in St. John's, Newfoundland, kills 100 people.
1942:World War II: German troops begin Operation Winter Storm, an attempt to relieve encircled Axis forces during the Battle of Stalingrad.
1941:Adolf Hitler declares the imminent extermination of the Jews at a meeting in the Reich Chancellery
1941:World War II: The United Kingdom declares war on Bulgaria. Hungary and Romania declare war on the United States. India declares war on Japan.
1941:World War II: USMC F4F "Wildcats" sink the first 4 major Japanese ships off Wake Island.
1941:World War II: Fifty-four Japanese A6M Zero fighters raid Batangas Field, Philippines. Jesús Villamor and four Filipino fighter pilots fend them off; César Basa is killed.
1940:World War II: Approximately 70 people are killed in the Marples Hotel, Fitzalan Square, Sheffield, as a result of a German air raid.
1939:HMS Duchess sinks after a collision with HMS Barham off the coast of Scotland with the loss of 124 men.
1939:Winter War: Battle of Tolvajärvi
1937:Second Sino-Japanese War: USS Panay incident
1936:Xi'an Incident: The Generalissimo of the Republic of China, Chiang Kai-shek, is kidnapped by Zhang Xueliang.
1935:Lebensborn Project, a Nazi reproduction program, is founded by Heinrich Himmler.
1925:The Majlis of Iran votes to crown Reza Khan as the new Shah of Persia.
1918:The Flag of Estonia is raised atop the Pikk Hermann for the first time.
1917:In Nebraska, Father Edward J. Flanagan founds Boys Town as a farm village for wayward boys.
1915:President of the Republic of China, Yuan Shikai, announces his intention to reinstate the monarchy and proclaim himself Emperor of China.
1911:King George V and Mary of Teck are enthroned as Emperor and Empress of India.
1911:Delhi replaces Calcutta as the capital of India.
1901:Guglielmo Marconi receives the first transatlantic radio signal (the letter "S" [***] in Morse Code), at Signal Hill in St John's, Newfoundland.
1897:Belo Horizonte, the first planned city in Brazil, is founded.
1870:Joseph H. Rainey of South Carolina becomes the second black U.S. congressman, the first being Hiram Revels.
1862:USS Cairo sinks on the Yazoo River, becoming the first armored ship to be sunk by an electrically detonated mine.
1787:Pennsylvania becomes the second state to ratify the United States Constitution, five days after Delaware became the first.
1781:American Revolutionary War: Second Battle of Ushant
1408:The Order of the Dragon a monarchical chivalric order is created by Sigismund of Luxembourg, then King of Hungary.
1388:Maria of Enghien sells the lordship of Argos and Nauplia to the Republic of Venice.
1098:First Crusade: Siege of Ma'arrat al-Numan
627:Battle of Nineveh: A Byzantine army under Emperor Heraclius defeats Emperor Khosrau II's Persian forces, commanded by General Rhahzadh.

December 12 Birthdays, Who born on December 12th

1994 Mitchell Pinnock (English footballer)
1991 Daniel Magder (Canadian actor)
1990 Seungri (South Korean singer-songwriter)
1990 Victor Moses (Nigerian footballer)
1989 Janelle Arthur (American singer)
1988 Ham Eun-jung (South Korean singer)
1986 Sean Clohessy (English footballer)
1986 Përparim Hetemaj (Finnish footballer)
1986 Nina Kolarič (Slovenian long jumper)
1986 Lee Qri (South Korean singer)
1986 Thomas Wansey (English actor)
1986 T. J. Ward (American football player)
1985 Pat Calathes (Greek-American basketball player)
1985 Chris Jennings (American football player)
1985 Erika Van Pelt (American singer)
1985 Giannis Zaradoukas (Greek footballer)
1984 Daniel Agger (Danish footballer)
1984 Daniel Merrett (Australian footballer)
1984 Sohail Tanvir (Pakistani cricketer)
1983 Katrina Elam (American singer-songwriter)
1982 Lim Jae-Duk (South Korean gamer)
1982 Ai Kato (Japanese actress)
1982 Jeremiah Riggs (American mixed martial artist and wrestler)
1982 Dmitry Tursunov (Russian tennis player)
1981 Ronnie Brown (American football player)
1981 Shane Costa (American baseball player)
1981 Jeret Peterson (American skier (d. 2011))
1981 Pedro Ríos (Spanish footballer)
1981 Yuvraj Singh (Indian cricketer)
1981 Stephen Warnock (English footballer)
1980 Gus G (Greek guitarist and songwriter (Firewind)
1980 Dorin Goian (Romanian footballer)
1979 Garrett Atkins (American baseball player)
1979 Nate Clements (American football player)
1979 John Salmons (American basketball player)
1978 Monica Bîrlădeanu (Romanian model and actress)
1978 Jennifer Rovero (American model)
1977 Erica Dahm (American model and actress)
1977 Bridget Hall (American model)
1977 Orlando Hudson (American baseball player)
1977 Dean Macey (English decathlete)
1977 Grete Treier (Estonian cyclist)
1977 Colin White (Canadian ice hockey player)
1976 Dan Hawkins (English guitarist)
1976 Jaak Juske (Estonian politician)
1976 Lloyd Owusu (Ghanaian footballer)
1975 Mayim Bialik (American actress)
1975 Wesley Charles (Vincentian footballer)
1975 Craig Moore (Australian footballer)
1975 Houko Kuwashima (Japanese voice actress and singer)
1974 Nolberto Solano (Peruvian footballer and manager)
1973 Gary Breen (English footballer and manager)
1973 Walter Otta (Argentinian footballer)
1973 Tony Hsieh (American businessman)
1972 Nicky Eaden (English footballer and coach)
1972 Wilson Kipketer (Kenyan-Danish runner)
1972 Kevin Parent (Canadian singer-songwriter and actor)
1972 Brandon Teena (American murder victim (d. 1993))
1972 Georgios Theodoridis (Greek sprinter)
1972 Hank Williams III (American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Assjack)
1971 Martin Mrva (Slovak chess player)
1970 Mädchen Amick (American actress)
1969 Sophie Kinsella (English author)
1969 Virge Naeris (Estonian triple jumper)
1969 Carrie Westcott (American model and actress)
1968 Kate Humble (English television host)
1968 Rory Kennedy (American director and producer)
1968 Laurie Williams (Jamaican cricketer (d. 2002))
1967 Yuzo Koshiro (Japanese composer and producer)
1967 Takenobu Mitsuyoshi (Japanese composer and voice actor)
1967 John Randle (American football player)
1967 Deke Sharon (American singer-songwriter and producer (The House Jacks and Beelzebubs))
1966 Último Dragón (Japanese wrestler and actor)
1966 Royce Gracie (Brazilian-American mixed martial artist)
1966 Kōichi Nagano (Japanese voice actor)
1966 Ian Paisley (Jr.)
1965 Will Carling (English rugby player)
1964 Sabu (American wrestler)
1964 Reeta Chakrabarti (English journalist)
1964 Haywood Jeffires (American football player)
1963 Liz Claman (American journalist)
1963 Eduardo Castro Luque (Mexican businessman and politician (d. 2012))
1963 Ai Orikasa (Japanese voice actress and singer)
1962 Tracy Austin (American tennis player and sportscaster)
1962 Peter Bergen (American-English journalist and author)
1962 Mike Golic (American football player and radio host)
1962 Ulrike Tillmann (German mathematician)
1961 Harriet Green (English businesswoman)
1959 Jasper Conran (English fashion designer)
1958 Monica Attard (Australian journalist)
1958 Lucie Guay (Canadian canoe racer)
1958 Dag Ingebrigtsen (Norwegian singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Kids and TNT))
1958 Sheree J. Wilson (American actress and producer)
1957 Sheila E. (American singer-songwriter)
1957 Robert Lepage (Canadian actor)
1956 Johan van der Velde (Dutch cyclist)
1955 Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki (Greek businesswoman)
1955 Eddy Schepers (Belgian cyclist)
1955 Stephen Smith (Australian lawyer and politician)
1954 Hemant Karkare (Indian police officer (d. 2008))
1953 Martin Ferguson (Australian politician)
1953 Bruce Kulick (American guitarist and songwriter (Kiss)
1953 Dave Meniketti (American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Y&T))
1953 Rafael Septien (Mexican-American football player)
1952 Herb Dhaliwal (Indian-Canadian politician)
1952 Sarah Douglas (English actress)
1952 Helen Dunmore (English poet and author)
1952 Cathy Rigby (American gymnast and actress)
1951 Rehman Malik (Pakistani politician)
1950 Rajinikanth (Indian actor)
1950 Pedro Ferriz de Con (Mexican journalist)
1950 Billy Smith (Canadian ice hockey player)
1950 Gorman Thomas (American baseball player)
1949 Chris Baillieu (English rower)
1949 Bill Nighy (English actor and singer)
1949 Marc Ravalomanana (Malagasy politician)
1947 Will Alsop (English architect)
1947 Wings Hauser (American actor)
1947 Chris Mullin (English journalist and politician)
1946 Emerson Fittipaldi (Brazilian race car driver)
1946 Barrie Rutter (English actor and director)
1946 Josepha Sherman (American anthologist and author (d. 2012))
1946 Paula Wagner (American actress and producer)
1945 Portia Simpson-Miller (Jamaican politician)
1945 Tony Williams (American drummer)
1944 Kenneth Cranham (Scottish actor)
1944 Jean Doré (Canadian lawyer and politician)
1944 Zoe Laskari (Greek actress)
1944 Rob Tyner (American singer-songwriter and bass player (MC5) (d. 1991))
1943 Vassilis Alexakis (Greek-French author)
1943 Dickey Betts (American singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Allman Brothers Band))
1943 Grover Washington (Jr.)
1942 Morris Sadek (Egyptian-American lawyer and activist)
1942 Brough Scott (English jockey and journalist)
1940 Sharad Pawar (Indian politician)
1940 Dionne Warwick (American singer and actress)
1940 Frances Willard (American magician)
1938 Connie Francis (American singer and actress)
1937 Philip Ledger (English organist and composer (d. 2012))
1937 Buford Pusser (American police officer (d. 1974))
1937 Michael Jeffery (Australian general and politician)
1936 Denise Coffey (English actress and director)
1936 Jefferson Kaye (American announcer (d. 2012))
1935 John Wise (Canadian farmer and politician)
1934 Miguel de la Madrid (Mexican lawyer and politician)
1932 Bob Pettit (American basketball player and coach)
1931 Lionel Blair (English actor)
1930 Bill Beutel (American journalist (d. 2006))
1930 Silvio Santos (Brazilian television host)
1929 Toshiko Akiyoshi (Japanese pianist and composer (Toshiko Akiyoshi)
1929 John Osborne (English playwright and screenwriter (d. 1994))
1928 Chinghiz Aitmatov (Kyrgyzstani diplomat and author (d. 2008))
1928 Helen Frankenthaler (American painter (d. 2011))
1927 Robert Noyce (American inventor and businessman)
1925 Vladimir Shainsky (Ukrainian-Russian composer)
1925 Ahmad Shamloo (Iranian journalist and poet (d. 2000))
1924 Ray Cordeiro (Hong Kong radio and television host)
1924 Ed Koch (American lawyer)
1923 Bob Barker (American game show host and producer)
1923 Bob Dorough (American singer-songwriter and pianist)
1923 Ken Kavanagh (Australian race car driver and motorcycle racer)
1922 Christian Dotremont (Belgian painter and poet (d. 1979))
1921 Toni Blankenheim (German opera singer (d. 2012))
1920 Fred Kida (American illustrator)
1919 Olivia Barclay (English astrologer and author (d. 2001))
1919 Dan DeCarlo (American illustrator (d. 2001))
1919 B. B. Nimbalkar (Indian cricketer (d. 2012))
1918 Joe Williams (American singer (d. 1999))
1917 James Wall (American actor and manager (d. 2010))
1915 Frank Sinatra (American singer)
1914 Patrick O'Brian (English author (d. 2000))
1911 Boun Oum (Laotian politician)
1909 Karen Morley (American actress and singer (d. 2003))
1909 Hans Keilson (German-Dutch psychologist)
1908 Gustav Ernesaks (Estonian composer and conductor (d. 1993))
1907 Roy Douglas (English pianist and composer)
1905 Manès Sperber (Austrian-French psychologist and author (d. 1984))
1905 Vasily Grossman (Russian journalist and author (d. 1964))
1904 Nicolas de Gunzburg (French-American banker)
1903 Dagmar Nordstrom (American singer-songwriter and pianist (Nordstrom Sisters) (d. 1976))
1903 Yasujirō Ozu (Japanese director and screenwriter (d. 1963))
1902 Koloman Sokol (Slovak-American painter and illustrator (d. 2003))
1900 Sammy Davis (Sr.)
1893 Edward G. Robinson (Romanian-American actor and singer (d. 1973))
1892 Milko Kos (Slovenian historian and academic (d. 1972))
1887 Kurt Atterberg (Swedish composer and engineer (d. 1974))
1881 Harry Warner (Polish-American businessman)
1876 Alvin Kraenzlein (American hurdler and runner (d. 1928))
1875 Gerd von Rundstedt (German field marshal (d. 1953))
1870 Walter Benona Sharp (American businessman)
1866 Alfred Werner (Swiss chemist and academic)
1864 Paul Elmer More (American journalist)
1863 Edvard Munch (Norwegian painter (d. 1944))
1862 André Fauquet-Lemaître (French polo player (d. 1943))
1862 J. Bruce Ismay (English businessman (d. 1937))
1849 William Kissam Vanderbilt (American businessman and horse breeder (d. 1920))
1845 Bruce Price (American architect)
1842 Adolf Bötticher (German journalist and historian (d. 1901))
1821 Gustave Flaubert (French author and playwright (d. 1880))
1814 Juan Prim (1st Marquis of los Castillejos)
1812 John Sandfield Macdonald (Canadian lawyer and politician)
1806 Stand Watie (American general (d. 1871))
1805 William Lloyd Garrison (American journalist and activist)
1805 Henry Wells (American businessman)
1799 Karl Bryullov (Russian painter (d. 1852))
1792 Alexander Ypsilantis (Greek-Russian general (d. 1828))
1791 Marie Louise (Duchess of Parma (d. 1847))
1786 William L. Marcy (American lawyer)
1783 Ner Middleswarth (American politician (d. 1865))
1779 Madeleine Sophie Barat (French nun and saint)
1766 Nikolay Karamzin (Russian poet and historian (d. 1826))
1745 John Jay (American jurist and politician)
1731 Erasmus Darwin (English physician and poet (d. 1802))
1724 Samuel Hood (1st Viscount Hood)
1715 Gennaro Manna (Italian composer (d. 1779))
1712 Prince Charles Alexander of Lorraine (d. 1780) ()
1685 Lodovico Giustini (Italian pianist and composer (d. 1743))
1610 Basil of Ostrog (Serbian monk and saint (d. 1671))
1574 Anne of Denmark (d. 1619) ()
1526 Álvaro de Bazán (1st Marquis of Santa Cruz)
1298 Albert II (Duke of Austria (d. 1358))

December 12 deaths, Who died on December 12th

2013 Chabua Amirejibi (Georgian author (b. 1921))
2013 Jim Burton (American baseball player (b. 1949))
2013 Tom Laughlin (American actor)
2013 Mac McGarry (American game show host (b. 1926))
2013 Abdul Quader Molla (Bangladeshi politician (b. 1948))
2013 Leo Sachs (German-Israeli biologist and academic (b. 1924))
2013 Ezra Sellers (American boxer (b. 1968))
2013 Jang Sung-taek (North Korean general and politician (b. 1946))
2013 Audrey Totter (American actress and singer (b. 1917))
2013 Rae Woodland (English soprano (b. 1922))
2012 Joe Allbritton (American banker)
2012 Ray Briem (American radio host (b. 1930))
2012 Eddie "Guitar" Burns (American singer-songwriter and guitarist (b. 1928))
2012 Richard Eyre (English priest (b. 1929))
2012 Else Marie Jakobsen (Norwegian designer (b. 1927))
2012 Walt Kirk (American basketball player and coach (b. 1924))
2012 N.M. Mohan (Indian author and illustrator (b. 1949))
2012 Augustin Sagna (Senegalese bishop (b. 1920))
2012 Nityanand Swami (Indian politician)
2012 David Tait (English rugby player (b. 1987))
2010 Peter Pagel (German footballer (b. 1956))
2010 Tom Walkinshaw (Scottish race car driver)
2008 Avery Dulles (American cardinal (b. 1918))
2008 Van Johnson (American actor)
2008 Tassos Papadopoulos (Cypriot politician)
2007 François al-Hajj (Lebanese general (b. 1953))
2007 Ike Turner (American singer-songwriter)
2006 Paul Arizin (American basketball player (b. 1928))
2006 Peter Boyle (American actor and singer (b. 1935))
2006 Kenny Davern (American clarinet player and saxophonist (b. 1935))
2006 Raymond P. Shafer (American lawyer and politician)
2006 Alan Shugart (American engineer and businessman)
2005 Robert Newmyer (American actor and producer (b. 1956))
2005 Ramanand Sagar (Indian director)
2005 Gebran Tueni (Lebanese journalist and politician (b. 1957))
2005 Annette Stroyberg (Danish actress (b. 1936))
2003 Keiko (Icelandic-Norwegian whale (b. 1976))
2003 Heydar Aliyev (Azerbaijani general and politician)
2003 Joseph Anthony Ferrario (American bishop (b. 1926))
2003 Gangodawila Soma Thero (Sri Lankan monk (b. 1948))
2002 Dee Brown (American historian and author (b. 1908))
2002 Jay Wesley Neill (American murderer (b. 1965))
2001 Ardito Desio (Italian geologist and explorer (b. 1897))
2001 Jean Richard (French actor and singer (b. 1921))
2000 George Montgomery (American actor)
2000 Ndabaningi Sithole (Zimbabwean militant leader)
1999 Paul Cadmus (American painter and illustrator (b. 1904))
1999 Joseph Heller (American author and playwright (b. 1923))
1998 Lawton Chiles (American soldier)
1998 Marco Denevi (Argentinian author and screenwriter (b. 1922))
1998 Mo Udall (American captain and politician (b. 1922))
1997 Evgenii Landis (Ukrainian-Russian mathematician and academic (b. 1921))
1996 Vance Packard (American journalist)
1994 Stuart Roosa (American colonel)
1994 Donna J. Stone (American poet and philanthropist (b. 1933))
1993 József Antall (Hungarian historian and politician)
1992 Suzanne Lilar (Belgian author and playwright (b. 1901))
1988 Anthony Provenzano (American mobster (b. 1917))
1987 Enrique Jorrín (Cuban violinist and composer (b. 1926))
1985 Anne Baxter (American actress and singer (b. 1923))
1985 Ian Stewart (Scottish keyboard player (The Rolling Stones) (b. 1938))
1983 Amza Pellea (Romanian actor (b. 1931))
1980 Jean Lesage (Canadian lawyer and politician)
1978 Fay Compton (English actress and singer (b. 1894))
1977 Clementine Churchill (Baroness Spencer-Churchill)
1976 Jack Cassidy (American actor (b. 1927))
1976 Vinko Žganec (Croatian musicologist (b. 1890))
1971 Yechezkel Kutscher (Israeli philologist and linguist (b. 1909))
1971 David Sarnoff (Belarusian-American businessman (b. 1891))
1970 Doris Blackburn (Australian politician (b. 1889))
1968 Tallulah Bankhead (American actress (b. 1902))
1967 Mac Raboy (American illustrator (b. 1914))
1966 Karl Ruberl (Austrian swimmer (b. 1880))
1964 Maithili Sharan Gupt (Indian poet and playwright (b. 1866))
1964 William Rootes (1st Baron Rootes)
1963 Yasujirō Ozu (Japanese director and screenwriter (b. 1903))
1961 Oskar Loorits (Estonian author (b. 1900))
1958 Albert Walsh (Canadian lawyer and politician)
1952 Bedřich Hrozný (Czech orientalist and linguist (b. 1879))
1951 Mildred Bailey (American singer (b. 1907))
1941 César Basa (Filipino lieutenant and pilot (b. 1915))
1939 Douglas Fairbanks (American actor)
1934 Oscar Goerke (American cyclist (b. 1883))
1934 Thorleif Haug (Norwegian skier (b. 1894))
1929 Charles Goodnight (American cattle rancher (b. 1836))
1926 Jean Richepin (French author)
1924 Alexander Parvus (Russian-German theorist and politician (b. 1867))
1923 Raymond Radiguet (French author and poet (b. 1903))
1913 Menelik II (Ethiopian emperor (b. 1844))
1894 John Sparrow David Thompson (Canadian lawyer)
1889 Robert Browning (English poet and playwright (b. 1812))
1889 Viktor Bunyakovsky (Ukrainian-Russian mathematician (b. 1804))
1858 Jacques Viger (Canadian archeologist and politician)
1843 William I of the Netherlands (b. 1772) ()
1817 Tekle Giyorgis I (Ethiopian emperor (b. 1751))
1790 Mikhail Shcherbatov (Russian historian and philosopher (b. 1733))
1789 John Ponsonby (Irish politician (b. 1713))
1766 Johann Christoph Gottsched (German philosopher)
1751 Henry St John (1st Viscount Bolingbroke)
1685 John Pell (English mathematician and linguist (b. 1610))
1586 Stephen Báthory (Polish king (b. 1533))
1569 Philip II (Metropolitan of Moscow (b. 1507))
1212 Geoffrey (English archbishop (b. 1152))
884 Carloman II (Frankish king (b. 866))