Today Day in History for October 18

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Historical Events on 18th October, What Happened on October 18th This Day in History

2007:Karachi bombings: A suicide attack on a motorcade carrying former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto kills 139 and wounds 450 more. Bhutto herself is not injured.
2004:Myanmar prime minister Khin Nyunt is ousted and placed under house arrest by the State Peace and Development Council on charges of corruption.
2003:Bolivian Gas War: President Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada, is forced to resign and leave Bolivia.
1991:The Supreme Council of Azerbaijan adopts a declaration of independence from the Soviet Union.
1977:German Autumn: a set of events revolving around the kidnapping of Hanns-Martin Schleyer and the hijacking of a Lufthansa flight by the Red Army Faction (RAF) comes to an end when Schleyer is murdered and various RAF members allegedly commit suicide.
1968:The U.S. Olympic Committee suspends Tommie Smith and John Carlos for giving a "black power" salute during a victory ceremony at the Mexico City games.
1967:The Soviet probe Venera 4 reaches Venus and becomes the first spacecraft to measure the atmosphere of another planet.
1964:The 1964-1965 New York World's Fair closes for its first season after a six-month run.
1954:Texas Instruments announces the first Transistor radio.
1945:The USSR's nuclear program receives plans for the United States plutonium bomb from Klaus Fuchs at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.
1945:A group of the Venezuelan Armed Forces, led by Mario Vargas, Marcos Pérez Jiménez and Carlos Delgado Chalbaud, stages a coup d'état against then president Isaías Medina Angarita, who is overthrown by the end of the day.
1945:Argentine military officer and politician Juan Perón marries actress Eva Duarte.
1944:Soviet Union begins liberation of Czechoslovakia.
1929:The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council overrules the Supreme Court of Canada in Edwards v. Canada when it declares that women are considered "Persons" under Canadian law.
1922:The British Broadcasting Company (later Corporation) is founded by a consortium, to establish a nationwide network of radio transmitters to provide a national broadcasting service.
1921:The Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic is formed as part of the RSFSR.
1914:The Schoenstatt Movement is founded in Germany.
1912:First Balkan War: Peter I of Serbia issues a declaration "To the Serbian People", as Serbia joins the war.
1898:United States takes possession of Puerto Rico.
1867:United States takes possession of Alaska after purchasing it from Russia for $7.2 million. Celebrated annually in the state as Alaska Day.
1860:The Second Opium War finally ends at the Convention of Peking with the ratification of the Treaty of Tientsin, an unequal treaty.
1851:Herman Melville's Moby-Dick is first published as The Whale by Richard Bentley of London.
1797:Treaty of Campo Formio is signed between France and Austria
1779:American Revolutionary War: The Franco-American Siege of Savannah is lifted.
1775:American Revolutionary War: The Burning of Falmouth (now Portland, Maine) prompts the Continental Congress to establish the Continental Navy.
1775:African-American poet Phillis Wheatley freed from slavery.
1748:Signing of the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle ends the War of the Austrian Succession.
1648:Boston Shoemakers form first U.S. labor organization.
1599:Michael the Brave, Prince of Wallachia, defeats the Army of Andrew Bathory in the Battle of Şelimbăr, leading to the first recorded unification of the Romanian people.
1540:Spanish conquistador Hernando de Soto's forces destroy the fortified town of Mabila in present-day Alabama, killing Tuskaloosa.
1386:Opening of the University of Heidelberg.
1356:Basel earthquake, the most significant historic seismological event north of the Alps, destroys the town of Basel, Switzerland.
1210:Pope Innocent III excommunicates German leader Otto IV.
1081:The Normans defeat the Byzantine Empire in the Battle of Dyrrhachium.
1016:The Danes defeat the Saxons in the Battle of Assandun.
1009:The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, a Christian church in Jerusalem, is completely destroyed by the Fatimid caliph Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah, who hacks the Church's foundations down to bedrock.
629:King Dagobert I is crowned King of the Franks.
614:King Chlothar II promulgates the Edict of Paris (Edictum Chlotacharii), a sort of Frankish Magna Carta that defend the rights of the Frankish nobles while it exclude Jews from all civil employment in the Frankish Kingdom.
320:Pappus of Alexandria, Greek philosopher, observes an eclipse of the sun and writes a commentary on The Great Astronomer (Almagest).

October 18 Birthdays, Who born on October 18th

1992 John John Florence (American surfer)
1991 Roly Bonevacia (Dutch footballer)
1991 Tyler Posey (American actor)
1990 Bristol Palin (American author)
1990 Carly Schroeder (American actress)
1989 Joy Lauren (American actress)
1987 Zac Efron (American actor and singer)
1987 Freja Beha Erichsen (Danish model)
1986 Wilma Elles (German actress)
1985 Yoenis Céspedes (Cuban baseball player)
1985 Andrew Garcia (American singer-songwriter and guitarist)
1984 Robert Harting (German discus thrower)
1984 Freida Pinto (Indian actress and model)
1984 Esperanza Spalding (American singer-songwriter and bassist)
1984 Lindsey Vonn (American skier)
1983 Dante (Brazilian footballer)
1982 Thierry Amiel (French singer-songwriter)
1982 Michael Dingsdag (Dutch footballer)
1981 Tina Hergold (Slovenian tennis player)
1981 Greg Warren (American football player)
1980 Josh Gracin (American soldier and singer)
1980 Rebecca Watson (American blogger)
1979 Ne-Yo (American singer-songwriter)
1979 Jaroslav Drobný (Czech footballer)
1979 'Ana Po'uhila (Tongan shot putter)
1978 Jyothika (Indian actress)
1978 Wesley Jonathan (American actor)
1978 Jaime Koeppe (Canadian model)
1978 Mike Tindall (English rugby player)
1978 Kenji Wu (Taiwanese singer-songwriter and actor)
1977 Gloc-9 (Filipino rapper)
1977 Ryan Nelsen (New Zealand-American soccer player and coach)
1977 David Vuillemin (French motorcycle racer)
1976 Zhou Xun (Chinese actress and singer)
1975 Baby Bash (American rapper)
1975 Alex Cora (Puerto Rican-American baseball player and sportscaster)
1974 Candy Lo (Hong Kong singer-songwriter and actress)
1974 Robbie Savage (Welsh footballer and sportscaster)
1974 Peter Svensson (Swedish guitarist and songwriter (The Cardigans))
1973 Michalis Kapsis (Greek footballer)
1973 Rachel Nichols (American journalist)
1973 Brian Scolaro (American comedian)
1972 Alex Tagliani (Canadian race car driver)
1971 Koshalendraprasad Pande (Indian guru)
1970 Doug Mirabelli (American baseball player and coach)
1970 Mike Starink (Dutch television host and actor)
1969 Volker Neumüller (German talent manager)
1969 Nelson Vivas (Argentinian footballer)
1968 Michael Stich (German tennis player)
1967 Eric Stuart (American singer-songwriter)
1966 Dave Price (American journalist)
1966 Slavi Trifonov (Bulgarian actor and singer)
1966 Angela Visser (Dutch model and actress)
1965 Zakir Naik (Indian surgeon)
1965 Curtis Stigers (American singer-songwriter and guitarist)
1964 Dan Lilker (American singer-songwriter and bass player (Anthrax)
1964 Charles Stross (English author)
1962 Min Ko Naing (Burmese activist)
1962 Vincent Spano (American actor)
1961 Wynton Marsalis (American trumpet player)
1961 Rick Moody (American author)
1960 Erin Moran (American actress and singer)
1960 Jean-Claude Van Damme (Belgian martial artist)
1959 Kirby Chambliss (American pilot)
1959 Tatyana Kolpakova (Kyrgyzstani long jumper)
1959 Milcho Manchevski (Macedonian-American director and screenwriter)
1959 John Nord (American wrestler)
1959 Chris Russo (American radio host)
1958 Corinne Bohrer (American actress)
1958 Thomas Hearns (American boxer)
1958 Kjell Samuelsson (Swedish ice hockey player and coach)
1957 Jon Lindstrom (American actor)
1957 Catherine Ringer (French singer-songwriter)
1956 Craig Bartlett (American animator)
1956 Martina Navratilova (Czech-American tennis player and coach)
1956 Jim Talent (American lawyer and politician)
1955 Jean-Pierre Hautier (Belgian television host (d. 2012))
1955 Vanessa Briscoe Hay (American singer-songwriter and keyboard player (Pylon and Supercluster))
1955 Timmy Mallett (English radio and television host)
1955 David Twohy (American director)
1955 Rita Verdonk (Dutch journalist and politician)
1954 Liz Burch (Australian actress)
1954 Arliss Howard (American actor)
1953 Loes Luca (Dutch actress and singer)
1952 Patrick Morrow (Canadian mountaineer and photographer)
1952 Chuck Lorre (American director)
1952 Bao Ninh (Vietnamese soldier and author)
1952 Jerry Royster (American baseball player)
1951 Mike Antonovich (American ice hockey player and coach)
1951 Pam Dawber (American actress)
1951 Terry McMillan (American author)
1951 Nic Potter (English bass player and songwriter (Van der Graaf Generator and The Misunderstood) (d. 2013))
1950 Om Puri (Indian actor)
1950 Wendy Wasserstein (American playwright and author (d. 2006))
1950 Sheila White (English actress and singer)
1949 Joe Egan (Scottish singer-songwriter (Stealers Wheel))
1949 George Hendrick (American baseball player and coach)
1949 Gary Richrath (American guitarist)
1948 Hans Köchler (Austrian philosopher)
1948 Ntozake Shange (American author)
1947 Paul Chuckle (English comedian)
1947 Job Cohen (Dutch scholar and politician)
1947 Joe Morton (American actor and director)
1947 Laura Nyro (American singer-songwriter and pianist (d. 1997))
1946 James Robert Baker (American author and screenwriter (d. 1997))
1946 Frank Beamer (American football player and coach)
1946 Howard Shore (Canadian composer)
1945 Yıldo (Turkish footballer)
1945 Huell Howser (American television host (d. 2013))
1945 Chris Shays (American politician)
1943 Birthe Rønn Hornbech (Danish police officer and politician)
1942 Gianfranco Ravasi (Italian cardinal)
1940 Cynthia Weil (American songwriter)
1939 Flavio Cotti (Swiss politician)
1939 Mike Ditka (American football player)
1939 Ted Boy Marino (Italian-Brazilian wrestler and actor (d. 2012))
1939 Lee Harvey Oswald (American assassin of John F. Kennedy (d. 1963))
1938 Dawn Wells (American model and actress)
1935 Peter Boyle (American actor (d. 2006))
1934 Calvin Lockhart (Bahamian-American actor (d. 2007))
1934 Inger Stevens (Swedish-American actress (d. 1970))
1934 Chuck Swindoll (American pastor)
1933 Forrest Gregg (American football player and coach)
1933 Ludovico Scarfiotti (Italian racing driver (d. 1968))
1932 Vytautas Landsbergis (Lithuanian politician)
1931 Chris Albertson (Icelandic-American historian)
1931 Ien Dales (Dutch politician)
1930 Esther Hautzig (American author (d. 2009))
1930 Enrique Oltuski (Cuban politician (d. 2012))
1929 Violeta Chamorro (Nicaraguan publisher and politician)
1929 Hillard Elkins (American producer and manager (d. 2010))
1929 Kees Fens (Dutch author and critic (d. 2008))
1928 Keith Jackson (American sportscaster)
1927 Marv Rotblatt (American baseball player (d. 2013))
1927 George C. Scott (American actor and director (d. 1999))
1926 Chuck Berry (American singer-songwriter and guitarist)
1926 Klaus Kinski (German-American actor)
1925 Ramiz Alia (Albanian politician)
1924 Buddy MacMaster (Canadian singer-songwriter and fiddler)
1923 Jessie Mae Hemphill (American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2008))
1921 Jesse Helms (American soldier)
1920 Melina Mercouri (Greek actress)
1919 Ric Nordman (Canadian captain and politician (d. 1996))
1919 Anita O'Day (American singer (d. 2006))
1919 Pierre Trudeau (Canadian lawyer)
1919 Camilla Williams (American soprano (d. 2012))
1918 Molly Geertsema (Dutch politician)
1918 Konstantinos Mitsotakis (Greek lawyer and politician)
1918 Bobby Troup (American singer-songwriter)
1915 Victor Sen Yung (American actor (d. 1980))
1914 Raymond Lambert (Swiss mountaineer (d. 1997))
1909 Norberto Bobbio (Italian philosopher and theorist (d. 2004))
1906 James Brooks (American painter and educator (d. 1992))
1905 Jan Gies (Dutch activist (d. 1993))
1905 Félix Houphouët-Boigny (Ivorian politician)
1904 A. J. Liebling (American journalist and author (d. 1963))
1904 Haim Shirman (Ukrainian-Israeli scholar and academic (d. 1981))
1903 Lina Radke (German runner (d. 1983))
1902 Miriam Hopkins (American actress and singer (d. 1972))
1902 Pascual Jordan (German physicist (d. 1980))
1898 Lotte Lenya (Austrian-American singer and actress (d. 1981))
1897 Isabel Briggs Myers (American theorist and author (d. 1980))
1894 H. L. Davis (American author and poet (d. 1960))
1894 Tibor Déry (Hungarian author (d. 1977))
1893 George Ohsawa (Japanese philosopher (d. 1966))
1884 Hugo Goetz (American swimmer (d. 1972))
1882 Lucien Petit-Breton (Argentinian-French cyclist (d. 1917))
1880 Ze'ev Jabotinsky (Ukrainian-Russian general)
1878 James Truslow Adams (American historian and author (d. 1949))
1873 Ivanoe Bonomi (Italian politician)
1872 Mikhail Kuzmin (Russian poet and author (d. 1936))
1870 D. T. Suzuki (Japanese author and scholar (d. 1966))
1868 Ernst Didring (Swedish author (d. 1931))
1865 Arie de Jong (Dutch linguist and author (d. 1957))
1865 Logan Pearsall Smith (American-English author and critic (d. 1946))
1862 Mehmet Esat Bülkat (Ottoman general (d. 1952))
1859 Henri Bergson (French philosopher)
1854 Billy Murdoch (Australian cricketer (d. 1911))
1836 Frederick August Otto Schwarz (American businessman)
1831 Frederick III (German Emperor (d. 1888))
1804 Mongkut (Thai king (d. 1868))
1785 Thomas Love Peacock (English author and poet (d. 1866))
1777 Heinrich von Kleist (German author and poet (d. 1811))
1741 Pierre Choderlos de Laclos (French general and author (d. 1803))
1706 Baldassare Galuppi (Italian composer (d. 1785))
1701 Charles le Beau (French historian and author (d. 1778))
1679 Ann Putnam (Jr.)
1668 John George IV (Elector of Saxony (d. 1694))
1663 Prince Eugene of Savoy (d. 1736) ()
1662 Matthew Henry (English minister and scholar (d. 1714))
1653 Abraham van Riebeeck (South African-Dutch politician)
1634 Luca Giordano (Italian painter (d. 1705))
1595 Edward Winslow (English politician)
1569 Giambattista Marino (Italian poet (d. 1625))
1547 Justus Lipsius (Belgian philologist (d. 1606))
1517 Manuel da Nóbrega (Portuguese-Brazilian priest and missionary (d. 1570))
1405 Pope Pius II (d. 1464) ()
1127 Emperor Go-Shirakawa of Japan (d. 1192) ()

October 18 deaths, Who died on October 18th

2013 Francisco Rafael Arellano Félix (Mexican drug lord (b. 1949))
2013 Ravuri Bharadhwaja (Indian author)
2013 Mary Carver (American actress (b. 1924))
2013 Felix Dexter (Caribbean-English comedian and actor (b. 1961))
2013 Tom Foley (American lawyer and politician)
2013 Roland Janes (American guitarist and producer (b. 1933))
2013 Bum Phillips (American football player and coach (b. 1923))
2013 Allan Stanley (Canadian ice hockey player and coach (b. 1926))
2013 Bill Young (American sergeant and politician (b. 1930))
2012 Brain Damage (American wrestler (b. 1977))
2012 E. K. Fretwell (American academic (b. 1923))
2012 Sylvia Kristel (Dutch model)
2012 Mihály Lukács (Hungarian politician (b. 1954))
2012 Thomas Madigage (South African footballer and coach (b. 1970))
2012 Slater Martin (American basketball player and coach (b. 1925))
2012 George Mattos (American pole vaulter (b. 1929))
2012 Albert Lee Ueltschi (American pilot and businessman)
2012 David S. Ware (American saxophonist and composer (b. 1949))
2010 Marion Brown (American saxophonist and musicologist (b. 1931))
2009 Adriaan Kortlandt (Dutch ethologist (b. 1918))
2008 Dee Dee Warwick (American singer (b. 1945))
2007 Alan Coren (English journalist and author (b. 1938))
2007 William J. Crowe (American admiral and diplomat)
2007 Vincent DeDomenico (American businessman)
2007 Lucky Dube (South African singer-songwriter and keyboard player (b. 1964))
2006 Mario Francesco Pompedda (Italian cardinal (b. 1929))
2006 Anna Russell (English-Canadian singer and actress (b. 1911))
2005 John Hollis (English actor (b. 1931))
2005 Johnny Haynes (English-Scottish footballer (b. 1934))
2005 Bill King (American sportscaster (b. 1927))
2004 Veerappan (Indian criminal and murderer (b. 1952))
2003 Preston Smith (American politician)
2003 Manuel Vázquez Montalbán (Spanish journalist)
2002 Roman Tam (Hong Kong singer and actor (Roman and the Four Steps) (b. 1950))
2000 Julie London (American singer and actress (b. 1926))
2000 Gwen Verdon (American actress)
1998 Alfred Praks (Estonian-Swedish wrestler (b. 1902))
1988 Frederick Ashton (Ecuadorian dancer and choreographer (b. 1904))
1987 Adriaan Ditvoorst (Dutch director and screenwriter (b. 1940))
1984 Jon-Erik Hexum (American model and actor (b. 1957))
1984 Henri Michaux (French painter and poet (b. 1899))
1983 Diego Abad de Santillán (Spanish economist and author (b. 1897))
1983 Willie Jones (American baseball player (b. 1925))
1982 Dwain Esper (American director and producer (b. 1892))
1982 Pierre Mendès France (French politician)
1982 John Robarts (Canadian lawyer and politician)
1982 Bess Truman (American wife of Harry S. Truman)
1980 Edwin Way Teale (American photographer and author (b. 1899))
1978 Ramón Mercader (Spanish journalist)
1977 Andreas Baader (German militant (b. 1943))
1977 Gudrun Ensslin (German militant leader)
1977 Jan-Carl Raspe (Austrian-German militant (b. 1944))
1976 Viswanatha Satyanarayana (Indian poet and author (b. 1895))
1975 Al Lettieri (American actor (b. 1928))
1973 Margaret Caroline Anderson (American publisher)
1973 Walt Kelly (American illustrator and animator (b. 1913))
1973 Leo Strauss (German-American philosopher (b. 1899))
1966 Elizabeth Arden (Canadian-American businesswoman)
1966 S. S. Kresge (American businessman)
1965 Henry Travers (English-American actor (b. 1874))
1965 Lauri Törni (Finnish-American Special Forces officer (b. 1919))
1961 Tsuru Aoki (Japanese-American actress (b. 1892))
1959 Boughera El Ouafi (Algerian-French runner (b. 1898))
1948 Walther von Brauchitsch (German field marshal (b. 1881))
1942 Mikhail Nesterov (Russian painter (b. 1862))
1941 Manuel Teixeira Gomes (Portuguese politician)
1934 Santiago Ramón y Cajal (Spanish pathologist)
1932 Ioannis Chrysafis (Greek gymnast (b. 1873))
1931 Thomas Edison (American inventor and businessman)
1921 Ludwig III of Bavaria (b. 1845) ()
1911 Alfred Binet (French psychologist (b. 1857))
1893 Charles Gounod (French composer (b. 1818))
1892 William W. Chapman (American lawyer and politician (b. 1808))
1889 Antonio Meucci (Italian-American inventor (b. 1808))
1886 Philipp Franz von Siebold (German physician and botanist (b. 1796))
1871 Charles Babbage (English mathematician and engineer)
1865 Henry John Temple (3rd Viscount Palmerston)
1817 Etienne Nicolas Méhul (French composer (b. 1763))
1775 Christian August Crusius (German philosopher and theologian (b. 1715))
1770 John Manners (Marquess of Granby)
1744 Sarah Churchill (Duchess of Marlborough (b. 1660))
1739 António José da Silva (Brazilian-Portuguese playwright (b. 1705))
1678 Jacob Jordaens (Flemish painter (b. 1593))
1667 Fasilides (Ethiopian emperor (b. 1603))
1646 Isaac Jogues (French priest)
1604 Igram van Achelen (Dutch politician (b. 1528))
1570 Manuel da Nóbrega (Portuguese-Brazilian priest and missionary (b. 1517))
1564 Johannes Acronius Frisius (German physician and mathematician (b. 1520))
1558 Mary of Hungary (b. 1505) ()
1545 John Taverner (English organist and composer (b. 1490))
1541 Margaret Tudor (English wife of James IV of Scotland (b. 1489))
1503 Pope Pius III (b. 1439) ()
1480 Uhwudong (Korean dancer and poet (b. 1440))
1417 Pope Gregory XII (b. 1326) ()
1382 James Butler (2nd Earl of Ormond)
1141 Leopold (Duke of Bavaria (b. 1108))
1101 Hugh I (Count of Vermandois (b. 1053))
1035 Sancho III of Navarre (b. 992) ()
325 Emperor Ming of Jin (b. 299) ()