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Stephen, Steve, Stevie, Stevin, or Steven Smith may refer to:



      • Steve Smith (academic) (born 1952), British international relations theorist and senior university manager
      • Stephen Smith (journalist), American journalist, anthropologist, biographer, editor, historian, and writer
      • Stephen Smith (surgeon) (1823–1922), U.S. researcher in public health
      • Stephen Alexander Smith, Canadian legal scholar, writer, professor of law at McGill University
      • Steven B. Smith (professor), Yale professor
      • Stephen C. Smith (economist) (born 1955), George Washington University professor
      • Stephen C. Smith (sociologist) (born 1968), Brigham Young University-Idaho professor
      • Steven S. Smith (born 1953), Washington University professor
      • Stephen Edward Smith (1927–1990), professor and legal scholar in New Zealand
      • Stephen D. Smith (born 1967), Holocaust specialist
      • Stephen J. Smith, professor of physiology at the Stanford University School of Medicine
      • Stephen Kevin Smith, Vice-President for Research at Nanyang Technological University

      Arts and entertainment

      • Steve Smith (American Dad!), fictional character in American Dad!
      • Steve Smith (comedian) (born 1945), Canadian comedian, best known for his alter ego, Red Green
      • Steven Smith (VJ), video jockey (VJ) on fuse, hosts Steven's Untitled Rock Show
      • Steven B. Smith (poet) (born 1946), U.S. underground poet, artist, and publisher
      • Steve Smith (clown) (born 1951), American clown
      • Stevie Smith (1902–1971), British poet
      • Steven Ross Smith (born 1945), Canadian poet, writer, journalist and arts activist
      • Stephen H. Smith, American sculptor


      • Elliott Smith (Steven Smith, 1969–2003), musician
      • Stephan Smith, American singer-songwriter and activist
      • Steven R. Smith, multi-instrumentalist, instrument-builder and initiator of the Hala Strana project
      • Steve Smith (house music vocalist), provided vocals for Dirty Vegas and Steve Mac
      • Steve Smith (musician) (born 1954), U.S. jazz and rock drummer
      • Steve Smith (singer) (born 1945), American singer
      • Stephen Michael Smith, American symphonic and choral conductor


      • Stephen Smith (Australian politician) (born 1955), Labor Party, Minister for Defence of Australia and member for Perth until 2013
      • Stephen Smith (Whitewater), gubernatorial aide to Bill Clinton
      • Stephen Edward Smith (1927–1990), brother-in-law and campaign manager for John F. Kennedy
      • Stephen J. Smith (Wisconsin politician), American politician and member of the Wisconsin State Assembly
      • Steve Smith (politician) (1949–2014), American politician and member of the Minnesota House of Representatives
      • Steven S. Smith (born 1953), political science professor and author
      • Stephen Stat Smith (born 1955), American politician and member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives
      • Steven Wayne Smith (born 1961), Texas Supreme Court justice


      American football

      • Steve Smith (wide receiver, born 1979), member of the Baltimore Ravens, Pro Bowler and All Pro
      • Steve Smith (wide receiver, born 1985), former Pro Bowler and Super Bowl winner with the New York Giants
      • Steve Smith (quarterback) (born 1961), player for the University of Michigan Wolverines, 1980–1983
      • Steve Smith (running back) (born 1964), player for the Los Angeles Raiders and Seattle Seahawks
      • Steve Smith (offensive lineman) (born 1944), offensive tackle and defensive end for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Minnesota Vikings, and Philadelphia Eagles

      Association football

      • Stephen Smith (footballer) (1874–1935), English international footballer
      • Stephen Smith (footballer born 1986), English footballer (Cambridge United)
      • Steve Smith (footballer born 1957), English footballer (Birmingham City, Bradford City and Crewe Alexandra)
      • Steve Smith (footballer born 1946), English footballer and manager (Huddersfield Town)
      • Steven Smith (footballer) (born 1985), Scottish footballer


      • Steve Smith (pole vaulter) (born 1951), US pole vaulter
      • Steve Smith (US high jumper) (born 1971), US high jumper
      • Steve Smith (British high jumper) (born 1973), British high jumper


      • Steve Smith (infielder) (born 1952), Cleveland Indians third base coach and former infielder
      • Steve Smith (pitcher) (born 1961), American baseball coach and former pitcher
      • Steve Smith (pitcher, born 1986), American professional baseball player (See 2014 Caribbean Series)


      • Steve Smith (basketball) (born 1969), retired NBA player
      • Steven Smith (basketball) (born 1983), NBA player
      • Stephen A. Smith (born 1967), sportswriter, NBA analyst, talk show host
      • Stevin Smith (born 1972), NBA player
      • Steve Smith (basketball coach), American head coach for Oak Hill Academy basketball team


      • Steve Smith (cricketer, born 1961), Australian cricketer
      • Steve Smith (cricketer, born 1989), Australian cricketer

      Ice hockey

      • Steve Smith (ice hockey, born in Scotland) (born 1963), ice hockey player for the Edmonton Oilers, Chicago Blackhawks, and the Calgary Flames
      • Steve Smith (ice hockey, born in Canada) (born 1963), ice hockey player for the Philadelphia Flyers and the Buffalo Sabres


      • Steve Smith (Irish rugby union) (born 1959), Irish rugby union player and British Lion
      • Steve Smith (New Zealand rugby union) (born 1973), Manu Samoa & North Harbour Rugby Union player from New Zealand
      • Steve Smith (English rugby union) (born 1951), English rugby union player and British Lion

      Other sports

      • Stephen Smith (rugby league), Fijian rugby league international
      • Stephen Smith (boxer) (born 1985), British boxer
      • Stephen Smith (golfer) (born 1972), Professional Golfer, former PGA Tour
      • Steve Smith (cyclist) (born 1989), Canadian mountain biker
      • Steve Smith (pool player) (born 1954), American pool player
      • Steven Smith (Australian rules footballer) (born 1956), former Australian rules footballer

      Other people

      • Steven Smith (astronaut) (born 1958), American technology executive and NASA astronaut
      • Stephen Francis Smith (1861–1928), Canadian chess master
      • Stephen Hector Taylor-Smith (1891–1951), pioneer of rocket mail in India
      • Stephen Smith (educationalist) (born 1948), British educationalist and headmaster
      • Steven G. Smith, United States Navy officer
      • Steve Smith (general) (born 1959), senior officer in the Australian Army Reserve
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