We begin with the carnage Typhoon Tapah left in its wake over the weekend.
The storm, which battered South Korea's southern regions on Sunday, is now moving out into the East Sea.
While it may be losing its initial punch since making landfall, local authorities are advising people in the south of the country to stay alert... until the storm has completely disappeared out to sea.
Moon Conn-young has the details.
Typhoon Tapah, which slammed into South Korea's southern regions late Sunday,... has changed course,... moving toward the East Sea between Korea and Japan.
A typhoon alert was lifted late Sunday but strong wind advisories are expected to be in effect around the southern island of Jeju until Monday morning.
With over 700 millimeters of rain and winds approaching 150 kilometers an hour battering some parts of Jeju,...the typhoon caused multiple deaths, and although the exact number is still unknown, it's being reported that several people lost their lives.
A 72 year-old woman was found dead under the debris of a collapsed house in Busan due to strong winds,...and more deaths were reported in other regions, as well.
Multiple people were also injured across the region.
Over the weekend, nearly 15-thousand households nationwide experienced power outages, including more than 3-thousand homes on Jeju.
Heavy downpours and gusts left dozens of houses inundated with flood water and crops were leveled by powerful winds.
In the southern Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do region, deaths and injuries were reported,..including car accidents due to the inclement weather.
South Korea's Disaster Safety Countermeasures Headquarters is warning residents in those regions to pay extra care until Monday morning.
Moon Conn-young, Arirang News.

Source: Arirang News
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