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Robert King may refer to:
  • Robert King, 4th Earl of Kingston (1796–1867), Irish peer, soldier and Whig politician
  • Robert King (bishop) (died 1558), English churchman and bishop of Oxford
  • Robert King (Australian politician) (1920–1991)
  • Robert King (conductor) (born 1960), founder and conductor of the period music orchestra The King's Consort
  • Robert King (cricketer) (1909–1992), cricketer
  • Robert King (cricketer, born 1978), English cricketer
  • Robert King (economist) (born 1951), American economist
  • Robert King (footballer) (1862–1950), English international footballer
  • Robert King (jurist) (1600–1676), English jurist and academic
  • Robert King (musician), with Scars
  • Robert King (photojournalist), American independent photojournalist
  • Robert King (writer), of film Clean Slate
  • Robert King, victim to a Malo kingi jellyfish which was subsequently named in memory of him
  • Robert A. King, American football coach in 1890
  • Robert Bruce King (born 1940), American judge
  • Robert King, 1st Viscount Lorton (1773–1854), Irish peer and politician
  • Robert Emmet King (1848–1921), mayor of Louisville, Kentucky (1896)
  • Robert Hillary King, American Black Panther member and activist
  • Robert L. King (born 1946), American political figure
  • Robert R. King (born 1942), American politician; United States special envoy for North Korean Human Rights Issues 2009
  • Robert Turner King (1824–1884), cricketer
  • Robert King, 1st Baron Kingsborough (1724–1755), Irish landowner and politician
  • Robert T. King (Vermont) (1917–1970), Vermont Republican politician

Rob/Robbie King

  • Rob King (born 1970), composer
  • Robbie King (born 1986), English footballer
  • Robbie King (musician) (1947–2003), Canadian musician

Bob/Bobby King

  • Bob King (American football coach) (1913–1994), active 1958–1972
  • Bob King (athlete) (1906–1965), American high jumper
  • Bob King (basketball) (1923–2004), American basketball coach in 1960s and 1970s
  • Bob King (editor) (born 1949), editor-manager of Classic Images and Films of the Golden Age
  • Bob King (labor leader) (born 1946), president of the UAW, 2010-present
  • Bob King (New Zealand footballer), New Zealand international football (soccer) player
  • Bob King (Queensland politician) (born 1938), former Australian politician
  • Bob King (footballer) (born 1894), Australian rules football player
  • Bob King (speed coach), American strength and conditioning coach
  • Bobby King (born 1944), American singer
  • Bob King (songwriter), writer of the 1971 hit song "Draggin' the Line" performed by Tommy James
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