서울 건조특보 10일째... 남해안 단비

Time now to get a check on the weather conditions ahead of the weekend. For that, let's go over to our Lee Seung-min at the weather center.
Seung-min, the air is still quite dry across the nation, but I hear we have some rain forecasted soon. Tell us more.
Sure, Connyoung. Dry weather will continue across the nation. Warnings have been in effect for Seoul for a record-long 10-day period and advisories have been in place for other regions as well. Humidity levels are lower than 25% in areas where dry advisories are issued, so don't forget to drink plenty of water.
But, thankfully, rain is forecasted for the weekend. Sporadic rainfall of 5 to 20 millimeters is forecasted tomorrow for Jeju island and the south coast. As a result, dry weather advisories in these areas will likely ease soon.
Tomorrow, central regions will be as warm as today. Seoul will begin the day at 7 degrees Celsius, Busan 9 and Jeju 10.
Daytime temperatures will be at 16 degrees in Seoul and Daejeon. And in the southern regions where rain is forecasted, it will be 11 degrees in Gwangju and 13 degrees in Busan.
During the day tomorrow, Beijing will be sunny and Tokyo will see periodic rain.
Now I'll leave you with the weather conditions around the world.

Source: Arirang News
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