Everyone knows that when it comes to smart Thermostats, there's Nest and then there's everything else. So why doesn't everyone just buy a Nest? Simple: they're really expensive. That's why today is the perfect day to upgrade, since Amazon came from out of nowhere and decided to offer deep discounts on both Nest thermostat models. The $200 Nest Thermostat E that everyone loves so much is on sale for $159.99 today, a $40 discount. It's the same as ... (Date:01/22/2020 15:06) Read full article >>

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Google apologizes after its Nest security cameras stopped working during a 17-hour outage Hadrian / Google's Nest customers lost their livestream connections and recording capabilities with their home-security cameras for 17 hours on Monday, according to a report by The.. BusinessInsider >>
Google apologizes for recent Nest camera outage, says video history wasn't collected An errant server update appears to be the root cause If you noticed your Nest camera systems were on the blink yesterday, February 24, you weren't alone. A widespread outage affected a large number.. >>
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Monday deals: Snag 20% off S20 cases, plus discounts on Nest Thermostat E, chargers, and more Congratulations, you've made it to the final Monday of February 2020. To celebrate, we've rounded up a fresh batch of deals. This week, Ringke has discounted its entire lineup of Galaxy S20, S2.. >>
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