North Korea fired yet more projectiles into the East Sea on Friday morning.
It's the second launch in six days and... the sixth in three weeks.
Our Defense Ministry correspondent Kim Ji-yeon is on the line.
Ji-yeon, what's the latest?
South Korea's military has confirmed that North Korea fired two unidentified projectiles into the East Sea on Friday.
The projectiles were fired from North Korea's eastern coastal county of Tongchon in Kangwon Province earlier in the day, according to the Joint Chiefs of Staff... which it said the South's military is monitoring the situation in case of additional launches while maintaining a readiness posture
No other details were immediately known, including the projectile's type, flight range and maximum altitude.
As you mentioned today's firing is the sixth such launch in around three weeks.
According to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the missiles were mostly short-range and ballistic... and were fired in the early hours... in a northeasterly direction towards the East Sea... all flying at altitudes of less than 50 kilometers.
The Joint Chiefs believe the North test-fired a new type of short-range ballistic missile, North Korea's version of Russia's Iskander-class missile... which is believed to be harder to intercept due to its complicated flight trajectory... although the Joint Chiefs of Staff made reassurances that they're able to neutralize the missiles with the existing Patriot anti-missile system... based upon simulations.
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