한일, 싱가포르서 '레이더갈등' 장성급 협의, 평행선 달려

Military and ministerial officials of Seoul and Tokyo are holding working-level talks in Singapore.
The meeting is set up to try and discuss a disputed encounter between a South Korean waship and a Japanese military surveillance plane.
However according to our Park Ji-won, the two sides have not reached an agreement as of now.
According to South Korea's defense ministry Monday,.. high-ranking military and ministerial officials are taking part in the talks in Singapore.
The talks are led by South Korea's Chief Director of Military Support under the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Vice Admiral Boo Suk-jong ,... and his counterpart from Japan's defense ministry Takeshi Ishikawa ( ).
A military source told Arirang News Monday afternoon that the talks in the morning were held at the South Korean embassy in Singapore,... and the afternoon session was held at the Japanese embassy,... to create a fair atmosphere for the discussions.
However,.. another military source also told Arirang News Monday evening that, as of early Monday evening, the two sides had come no closer together,... nor had they reached an agreement.
According to the sources, the exact agenda won't be released until the defense ministry officially announces the results of the talks.
This is the second time that South Korea and Japan have met to discuss the radar issue.
The previous working-level talks between the two countries were held on December 27th as a video conference.
On December 20th,... a Japanese patrol aircraft claimed that it was targeted by a South Korean destroyer,... when the ship was on a humanitarian mission to rescue a distressed North Korean vessel in international waters in the East Sea.
South Korea's defense ministry has denied the claim, saying its warship did not use its STIR 180 fire-control radar during the operation,.. and only used its MW 08 search radar... and an optical camera to observe the Japanese aircraft,... as its rescue mission was hindered by the Japanese plane flying at low altitude in a way that could be seen as threatening.
Seoul's defense ministry has also asked Tokyo to stop distorting facts,... and not to use the incident for political reasons.
Park Ji-won, Arirang News.

Source: Arirang News
Copyright Arirang News. All rights reserved, reprinted with permission by Dailymotion

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