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    • John Mitchell (composer) (born 1941), American composer
    • John Mitchell (figure skater), Canadian ice dancer, see 1962 World Figure Skating Championships
    • John Mitchell (jazz musician), American jazz banjoist, worked with Johnny Dunn
    • John Mitchell (musician) (born 1973), lead singer and guitarist for United Kingdom band It Bites, and music producer
    • John Ames Mitchell (1844–1918), American illustrator
    • John Cameron Mitchell (born 1963), American filmmaker
    • John W. Mitchell (1917–2005), British sound engineer
    • Grant Mitchell (actor) (1874–1957), American character actor in the 1930s and 1940s whose full name was John Grant Mitchell
    • Mitch Mitchell (1947–2008), English musician; known as John Mitchell as a (child)-actor


    • John Mitchell (United Mine Workers) (1870–1919), president of the United Mine Workers
    • John Mitchell, Jr. (1863–1929), editor of the Richmond Planet, a newspaper in Richmond, Virginia's Jackson Ward community
    • John Francis Mitchell, vice chairman, Motorola; inventor of the mobile cell phone
    • John G. Mitchell (died 2007), editor of National Geographic magazine


    • John Mitchell (Being Human), a character in the television series Being Human


    • John Mitchell (Medal of Honor), American Indian Wars soldier and Medal of Honor recipient, see 5th Infantry Regiment
    • John G. Mitchell (general) (1838–1894), American Civil War general
    • John K. Mitchell, Confederate Navy commodore during the American Civil War, see USS Alpha (1864)
    • John Wesley Mitchell (1891–1969), Australian soldier; see Battle of Vevi


    • John Mitchell (Hull politician) (c. 1781–1859), Member of Parliament for Kingston-upon-Hull
    • John Mitchell (MP for Truro), British politician
    • John Mitchell (Pennsylvania) (1781–1849), United States Congressman from Pennsylvania
    • John F. Mitchell (1862–1943), Canadian politician
    • John H. Mitchell (1835–1905), American politician and senator from Oregon
    • John I. Mitchell (1838–1907), United States Senator from Pennsylvania
    • John Joseph Mitchell (1873–1925), United States Representative from Massachusetts
    • John L. Mitchell (1842–1904), American politician and father of Gen. Billy Mitchell
    • John M. Mitchell (1858–1905), United States Representative from New York
    • John Matthew Mitchell (born 1925), Former Assistant Director-General, British Council
    • John N. Mitchell (1913–1988), United States Attorney General and Watergate conspirator
    • John Ridley Mitchell (1877–1962), United States Representative from Tennessee
    • John William Mitchell (1872–1952), 20th mayor of Calgary, Alberta


    • J. Murray Mitchell (1928–1990), American climatologist
    • John Mitchell (geographer) (1711–1768), colonial American physician, botanist, and geographer
    • John C. Mitchell, computer scientist
    • John F. B. Mitchell, British climatologist/climate modeller
    • John Kearsley Mitchell (1798–1858), American physician



    • John Mitchell (baseball) (born 1965), Major League Baseball pitcher, 1986–1990
    • Johnny Mitchell (baseball) (1894–1965), former professional baseball shortstop, 1921–1925

    Ice Hockey

    • John Mitchell (ice hockey, born 1985), National Hockey League player with the Colorado Avalanche
    • John Mitchell (ice hockey, born 1986), American ice hockey player with the Hershey Bears

    Other sports

    • John Mitchell (administrator), former president of the Melbourne Football Club and the Melbourne Cricket Club
    • John Mitchell (American football coach) (born 1951), first African-American football player to play football for the University of Alabama, and a coach
    • John Mitchell (cricketer) (born 1947), former New Zealand cricketer
    • John Mitchell (footballer born 1800s), footballer for Doncaster Rovers, Newton Heath and Bolton Wanderers
    • John Mitchell (footballer) (born 1952), English footballer
    • John Mitchell (rugby union) (born 1964), rugby player and coach
    • Johnny Mitchell (born 1971), American football tight end

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