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    • John Miller (North Dakota politician) (1843–1908), Governor of North Dakota, 1889–1891
    • John Miller (Missouri politician) (1781–1846), Governor of Missouri, 1826–1832; U.S. Representative from Missouri, 1837–1843
    • John Miller (Washington politician) (born 1938), U.S. Representative from Washington
    • John Miller (New York politician) (1774–1862), U.S. representative from New York
    • John Miller (engineer) (1805–1883), MP for Edinburgh 1868–1874
    • John Miller (Virginia politician) (born 1947), State Senator from Virginia
    • John E. Miller (1888–1981), U.S. federal judge
    • John Franklin Miller (senator) (1831–1886), U.S. Senator from California, uncle of John Franklin Miller the Washington congressman
    • John Franklin Miller (representative) (1862–1936), U.S. Representatives for Washington
    • John Gaines Miller (1812–1856), U.S. Representative from Missouri
    • John K. Miller (1819–1863), U.S. Representative from Ohio
    • John Lester Miller (1901–1978), U.S. federal judge
    • John Ontario Miller (1857–1943), British Indian civil servant
    • John Stewart Miller (1844–?), former Member of Provincial Parliament in Ontario
    • Sir John Miller, 2nd Baronet (1665–1721), MP for Chichester 1698–1700, 1701–1705 and 1710–1713 and Sussex 1701
    • Sir John Miller, 3rd Baronet (1867–1918), Justice of the Peace and magistrate for Kent, 1889
    • John Miller (Australian politician) (1870–1934), New South Wales state MP
    • John Lucas Miller (1831–1864), attorney and state legislator in South Carolina
    • Sir John Riggs Miller (c. 1744–1798), Anglo-Irish politician


    • John Miller (1865 Medal of Honor recipient) (1839–1882), Medal of Honor recipient
    • John W. Miller, United States Navy admiral
    • John P. Miller, United States Navy officer and acting Naval Governor of Guam


    • John Miller (artist) (1931–2002), English artist specializing in beach scenes
    • John Miller (film), American film producer
    • John Miller (musician) (born 1945), Broadway music coordinator and actor
    • John Miller (guitarist), from Pennsylvania, who recorded albums Rounder Records and ‪Blue Goose Records‬
    • John Miller, Jr. (born 1942), American bassoonist, principal of the Minnesota Orchestra
    • John Douglas Miller (1860–1903), English engraver
    • John Lloyd Miller, American filmmaker
    • John Paul Miller (1918–2013), American jewellery designer and goldsmith
    • John P. Miller (born 1976), birthname of actor and singer Austin Miller


    • John Miller (first baseman) (born 1944), baseball player in the United States (1966–1969) and Japan (1970–1972)
    • John Miller (pitcher) (born 1941), American baseball player for the Baltimore Orioles
    • John Miller (footballer born 1870) (1870–1933), Scottish footballer with Liverpool and Sheffield Wednesday
    • John Miller (footballer born 1878) (1878–?), Scottish footballer for Burnley
    • John Miller (footballer born 1897) (1897–?), Scottish footballer for Liverpool
    • John Miller (cyclist) (1881–1957), British Olympic road racing cyclist
    • John Miller (offensive lineman) (born 1934), NFL player, 1956–1960
    • John Miller (linebacker) (born 1960), NFL player, 1987
    • John Miller (basketball), American basketball coach
    • John Miller (rower) (1903–1965), American rower
    • John Miller (cricketer) (1770–1825), English first-class cricketer
    • Ox Miller (John Anthony Miller, 1915–2007), American MLB pitcher
    • J. J. Miller (born 1933), Australian jockey and horse trainer

    Literature and journalism

    • John Miller (journalist), Assistant Director of Public Affairs for the FBI and former co-host of 20/20
    • John Jackson Miller (born 1968), American comic book writer and commentator
    • John J. Miller (born 1970), American political reporter
    • John J. Miller (author) (born 1954), science fiction author known for his work in the Wild Cards series
    • John Miller (author), historical fiction author
    • John Miller (journalist and author), British journalist and author
    • John Ramsey Miller (born 1949), American author
    • John Miller (writer) (born 1968), Canadian writer and consultant
    • John Frederick Miller (1759–1796), English illustrator
    • John Henry Miller (1702–1782), printer and publisher


    • John Miller (engineer) (1805–1883), 19th century Edinburgh-based railway engineer (Grainger & Miller)
    • John Miller (outlaw) (c. 1850–1937)
    • John Miller (entrepreneur) (1872–1941), roller coaster designer and builder
    • John Miller (minister), Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, 2001
    • John Classon Miller (1836–1884), Ontario lumber merchant and political figure
    • John Grider Miller (1935–2009), Colonel in the United States Marine Corps
    • John Michael Miller (born 1946), Canadian prelate of the Roman Catholic Church
    • John Milton Miller (1882–1962), American electrical engineer
    • John William Miller (1895–1978), American philosopher
    • John Samuel Miller (1779–1830), English naturalist
    • Captain John H. Miller, fictional character in the 1998 film Saving Private Ryan
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