It's time now for an in-depth look at the market news at this hour.
And for that, I'm joined on the line by Mr. Daniel Yoo, global strategist at Yuanta Securities.
Mr. Yoo, thank you for coming on today.
Thank you.
Bloomberg reports that the U.S. and China might reach a partial deal on the condition that the U.S. doesn't impose new tariffs. The KOSPI is down today, but this appears to be welcome news to the markets elsewhere, is it not?
If US do not raise additional taxes, China is willing to make a small scale deal with US. When US put sanction on additional Chinese companies on Security issues, the chance of any deal btwn 2 nations was very unlikely, affecting prices to fall sharply for stocks. But with some chance of a deal, market recovered. Key is whether a small deal can be possible. My view is it can, because of US and China both will lose if direcion does not change.
The protests in Hong Kong, now 4 months in, are definitely affecting the Hong Kong economy, and really have ripple effects elsewhere. What's the situation there and how might it impact Korea?
Money outflow to Singapore and other countries is actually happening. 4billion dollars moved out from HK. Singapore net increase in deposit jumped 5%, and August alone 15% jump. So far no regulations put to money flow. Foreign investors allowed to buy Chinese stocks rising. Arbitrage is happening... A-H shares. Hongkong deregulated environment is a must. HK foreign reserve 432.8bn, HK total deposit 1.736 trn. Korea and Taiwan to benefit if money flow to them increases.
The World Economic forum has released its ranking of countries in the Global Competitiveness Index. South Korea has risen three years in a row and is now number 13. What stands out to you in this report?
Korea Economic competitiveness rose to 13th from 15th. However, corporate vigor and labor competitiveness placed at the low ends. Among Asia, Fifth. Labor market: cost of severance 116th, labor termination trems 102th, labor flexibility 100th. Owner risk 88th, vs 77th year before.
Alright, Mr. Yoo.
That's where we'll have to leave it today.
Thank you for coming on.

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