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    • Hamilton (surname and title), a common British surname and occasional given name, usually of Scottish origin, including a list of persons with the surname
    • The Duke of Hamilton, the premier peer of Scotland
    • Lord Hamilton (disambiguation), several Scottish, Irish and British peers, and some members of the judiciary, who may be referred to simply as Hamilton
    • Clan Hamilton, an ancient Scottish kindred
    • Alexander Hamilton, first American Secretary of the Treasury



    • Hamilton, New South Wales, suburb of Newcastle
      • Hamilton railway station, New South Wales
    • Hamilton, Queensland, suburb of Brisbane
    • Hamilton, South Australia
    • Hamilton, Tasmania
    • Hamilton, Victoria
    • Hamilton Island (Queensland)


    • Hamilton, Bermuda, that territory's capital
    • Hamilton Parish, Bermuda


    • Hamilton, Ontario
      • Hamilton Harbour, another name for Burlington Bay, a branch of Lake Ontario
    • Hamilton, Ontario (township) (unrelated township)
    • Hamilton Island (Nunavut)


    • Port Hamilton

    New Zealand

    • Hamilton, New Zealand

    United Kingdom

    • Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, Scotland
      • Hamilton Mausoleum, Worlds longest echo
      • Hamilton Palace
    • Hamilton, Leicestershire, England

    United States of America

    • Hamilton, Alabama
    • Hamilton, Butte County, California
    • Hamilton, Marin County, California
    • Hamilton, Santa Clara County, California
    • Hamilton, former name of Hamilton City, California
    • Hamilton, Colorado
    • Hamilton, Georgia
    • Hamilton, Illinois
    • Hamilton, Indiana, a town in Steuben and DeKalb counties
    • Hamilton, Clinton County, Indiana
    • Hamilton, Madison County, Indiana
    • Hamilton, Iowa
    • Hamilton, Kansas
    • Hamilton, Kentucky
    • Hamilton, Maryland
    • Hamilton, Massachusetts
    • Hamilton, Michigan
    • Hamilton, Minnesota
    • Hamilton, Mississippi
    • Hamilton, Missouri
    • Hamilton, Montana
    • Hamilton, Nevada
    • Hamilton Township, Atlantic County, New Jersey
      • Hamilton Mall, a shopping mall located in Mays Landing, Hamilton Township
    • Hamilton Township, Mercer County, New Jersey
      • Hamilton (NJT station), a New Jersey Transit train station
    • Hamilton (town), New York
      • Hamilton (village), New York
    • Hamilton, North Carolina
    • Hamilton, North Dakota
    • Hamilton, Ohio
    • Hamilton, Pennsylvania
    • Hamilton, Texas
    • Hamilton, Virginia
    • Hamilton, Washington
    • Hamilton, West Virginia
    • Hamilton, Wisconsin, a town
    • Hamilton, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, an unincorporated community
    • Hamilton, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin, an unincorporated community
    • Hamilton City, California
    See also: Hamilton County (disambiguation) and Hamilton Township (disambiguation)


    • Hamilton and Alexandra College, Hamilton, Victoria, Australia
    • Hamilton Boys' High School, New Zealand
    • Hamilton College (Iowa), USA
    • Hamilton College (Kentucky), USA, defunct women's school
    • Hamilton College (New York), USA
    • Hamilton College (Scotland), secondary school
    • Hamilton University, a defunct unaccredited institution based in Evanston, Wyoming, USA
    See also: Hamilton College (disambiguation)


    • Hamilton (1998 film), a Swedish-produced film based on the character Carl Hamilton
    • Hamilton (2006 film)
    • Hamilton (schooner), an American schooner class ship during the War of 1812
    • Hamilton Academical F.C., a professional association football club from Hamilton, Scotland
    • Hamilton RFC, a rugby union club from Hamilton, Scotland
    • Hamilton (UK Parliament constituency)
    • Hamilton convention, or Cappelletti, a bidding convention in contract bridge
    • Hamilton Group, a north-eastern US geological structure
    • Hamish Hamilton Limited, a British book publishing house.
    • Hamilton House (dance), a Scottish country dance
    • Hamilton Project, a think tank
    • Hamilton Records, a record label
    • Hamilton Standard, an aircraft propeller parts supply company
    • Hamilton Watch Company, a U.S. watchmaker belonging to the Swatch Group
    • Hamilton–Jacobi equation, a set of physical equations in Hamiltonian mechanics
    • Hamiltonian path, a certain type of graph in mathematical graph theory
    • Hamiltonian group, a non-abelian Dedekind group in algebra
    • Hamiltonian (quantum mechanics)
    • SS Lewis Hamilton, a cargo ship with this name from 1947–50
    • United States ten-dollar bill, U.S. currency featuring a portrait of Founding Father Alexander Hamilton
    • Hamilton (automobile company), a short-lived automaker in Michigan in the 1910s
    • Hamilton (Saturday Night Live)

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