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        United Kingdom

        • The Crystal Palace, an 1851 building in Hyde Park, which was relocated to south London in 1854 and destroyed by fire in 1936
          • The Great Exhibition, the event the building was built for, sometimes also known as Crystal Palace
          • Crystal Palace School of Art Science and Literature
          • Crystal Palace School of Engineering
          • Crystal Palace School of Music
          • The first Rally of Boy Scouts held at the Crystal Palace in 1909
        • Crystal Palace, London, an area of south London, England, around the location of the former Crystal Palace building
          • The Crystal Palace Triangle (or Upper Norwood Triangle), shopping streets in the northwest corner of the London Borough of Croydon
          • Crystal Palace Park, the grounds to which the Crystal Palace was relocated; a remnant of Penge Common
            • Crystal Palace National Sports Centre
              • Crystal Palace (basketball), a basketball team competing in the British Basketball League
            • The Crystal Palace Dinosaurs in the park
            • Crystal Palace (circuit), a motor racing circuit
            • Crystal Palace Park Cricket Ground, a former cricket ground in London
          • Crystal Palace transmitting station
            • The area receiving terrestrial television signals from the above and the Croydon Transmitter
          • Crystal Palace railway station
          • Crystal Palace (High Level) railway station, a former railway station.
          • Crystal Palace pneumatic railway, an experimental atmospheric railway situated near the Crystal Palace
          • The Crystal Palace District of the London Borough of Lambeth
          • The Crystal Palace ward of the London Borough of Bromley
        • Crystal Palace F.C., The professional football club founded in 1905
          • Crystal Palace L.F.C., a ladies' football club based at Church Road in Whyteleafe
        • Crystal Palace F.C. (1861) The now defunct amateur football club founded in 1861
        • A fictional palace in the Victorian novel The Young Visiters by Daisy Ashford


        • Glaspalast (Munich), a building in Munich, Germany, resembling the British building
        • Glaspalast (Sindelfingen), an indoor sporting arena in Sindelfingen, Germany


        • Glaspaleis, a 1935 former fashion house and department store in Heerlen, The Netherlands
        • The Palacio de Cristal in the Parque del Buen Retiro located in Madrid, Spain, was built in 1887 for the Great Exhibition of the Philippine Islands which took place the same year
        • Crystal Palace, Brescia, one of the tallest buildings in Italy (110 meters tall), located in Brescia
        • Crystal Palace, Ljubljana, a skyscraper in Ljubljana, Slovenia



        • A building inspired by the Crystal Palace exists in Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil


        • Palais Crystal Palace, an indoor amusement park in Dieppe, New Brunswick, Canada
        • Crystal Palace Barracks London, Ontario, Canada: Western Fair building 1867
        • Crystal Palace (Montreal) exhibition building opened in 1860 in Montreal

        United States

        • The New York Crystal Palace in New York, USA, an 1853 exhibition building, modeled after the London Crystal Palace
        • The Buck Owens Crystal Palace night club, museum (1929–2006), and restaurant in Bakersfield, California, USA
        • Pythian Castle Lodge, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, also known as Crystal Palace
        • Crystal Palace Baltimore, a professional soccer team based in Baltimore, Maryland and affiliated with the modern Crystal Palace F.C.
        • Crystal Cathedral, a Protestant church in Garden Grove, California
        • Crystal Palace, an 1890s gambling den in Tombstone, Arizona.
        • Former code name for Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center (CMOC), a NORAD base inside Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado Springs, Colorado, U.S.



        • Rokumeikan, pavilion in Tokyo, existent from 1883–1941, and often called Crystal Palace in English

        Other usage

        • Crystal Palace, one of two space stations in Entropia Universe
        • The Crystal Palace (novel), a 1988 fantasy novel by Phyllis Eisenstein

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