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The words Celt and Celtic (also Keltic) can refer to:



    • Celts, an ethnolinguistic group of tribal societies in Iron Age and Medieval Europe who spoke Celtic languages.
    • Celts (modern), a modern cultural creation based on the older Celtic peoples.
    • Celtic languages
    • Celtic nations, the modern territories in North-West Europe where Celtic languages and cultural traits have survived


    • Celtic F.C., a Scottish football club
    • Boston Celtics, an American professional basketball team
    • Belfast Celtic F.C., a former Northern Irish football club
    • Bloemfontein Celtic F.C., a South African football club
    • Dewsbury Celtic, an English rugby League club
    • Donegal Celtic F.C., a Northern Irish football team
    • Farsley Celtic A.F.C., an English football club
    • Lurgan Celtic F.C., a Northern Irish football club
    • Oban Celtic, a Scottish shinty club
    • Stalybridge Celtic F.C., an English football club

    Other uses

    • Celt (tool), a type of stone tool
    • Celtic (ship), a number of ships
    • Celtic music
    • Celtic mythology
    • Celtic Christianity
    • The Celts (BBC documentary), a 1986 documentary series produced by the BBC on Celts
    • The Celts (album), a 1992 album by Irish musician Enya
    • Celtic Frost a metal band from Z├╝rich, Switzerland
    • Celtic boxing title, one of 3 "national titles" (British, English, Celtic) awarded by BBBofC
    • Celtic button knot, a type of knot on a single rope that results in a spherical decorative stopper knot with hair braid / basket weave pattern.

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