Today Day in History for March 28

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Historical Events on 28th March, What Happened on March 28th This Day in History

2006:At least one million union members, students, and unemployed take to the streets in France in protest at the government's proposed First Employment Contract law.
2005:The 2005 Sumatra earthquake rocks Indonesia, and at magnitude 8.7 is the fourth strongest earthquake since 1965.
2003:In a friendly fire incident, two A-10 Thunderbolt II attack aircraft from the United States Idaho Air National Guard's 190th Fighter Squadron attack British tanks participating in the 2003 invasion of Iraq, killing British soldier Matty Hull.
2000:Three children are killed when a Murray County, Georgia, school bus is hit by a CSX freight train.
1999:Kosovo War: Serb paramilitary and military forces kill 146 Kosovo Albanians in the Izbica massacre.
1994:In South Africa, Zulus and African National Congress supporters battle in central Johannesburg, resulting in 18 deaths.
1994:BBC Radio 5 is closed and replaced with a new news and sport station BBC Radio 5 Live.
1990:President George H. W. Bush posthumously awards Jesse Owens the Congressional Gold Medal.
1979:The British House of Commons passes a vote of no confidence against James Callaghan's government, precipitating a general election.
1979:A coolant leak at the Three Mile Island's Unit 2 nuclear reactor outside Harrisburg, Pennsylvania leads to the core overheating and a partial melt down.
1978:The US Supreme Court hands down 5-3 decision in Stump v. Sparkman, 435 U.S. 349, a controversial case involving involuntary sterilization and judicial immunity.
1970:Gediz earthquake: A 7.2 magnitude earthquake strikes western Turkey at about 23:05 local time, killed 1,086 and injured 1,260.
1969:The McGill français movement protest occurs, the second largest protest in Montreal's history with 10,000 trade unionists, leftist activists, college students, and some McGill students at McGill's Roddick Gates. The majority of the protesters are arrested
1969:Greek poet and Nobel Prize laureate Giorgos Seferis makes a famous statement on the BBC World Service opposing the junta in Greece.
1968:Brazilian high school student Edson Luís de Lima Souto is shot by the police in a protest for cheaper meals at a restaurant for low-income students. The aftermath of his death is one of the first major events against the military dictatorship.
1959:The State Council of the People's Republic of China dissolves the Government of Tibet.
1951:First Indochina War: In the Battle of Mao Khe, French Union forces, led by World War II hero Jean de Lattre de Tassigny, inflict a defeat on Việt Minh forces commanded by General Võ Nguyên Giáp.
1946:Cold War: The United States State Department releases the Acheson–Lilienthal Report, outlining a plan for the international control of nuclear power.
1942:World War II: In occupied France, British naval forces successfully raid the German-occupied port of St. Nazaire.
1941:World War II: Battle of Cape Matapan
1939:Spanish Civil War: Generalissimo Francisco Franco conquers Madrid after a three-year siege.
1933:The Imperial Airways biplane City of Liverpool is believed to be the first airline lost to sabotage when a passenger sets a fire on board.
1930:Constantinople and Angora change their names to Istanbul and Ankara.
1920:Palm Sunday tornado outbreak of 1920 affects the Great Lakes region and Deep South states.
1913:Guatemala becomes a signatory to the Buenos Aires copyright treaty.
1910:Henri Fabre becomes the first person to fly a seaplane, the Fabre Hydravion, after taking off from a water runway near Martigues, France.
1889:The Yngsjö murder in Yngsjö, Sweden: Anna Månsdotter is arrested along with her son.
1883:Tonkin Campaign: French victory in the Battle of Gia Cuc
1871:The Paris Commune is formally established in Paris.
1862:American Civil War: Battle of Glorieta Pass
1860:First Taranaki War: The Battle of Waireka begins.
1854:Crimean War: France and Britain declare war on Russia.
1809:Peninsular War: France defeats Spain in the Battle of Medelin.
1802:Heinrich Wilhelm Matthäus Olbers discovers 2 Pallas, the second asteroid known to man.
1795:Partitions of Poland: The Duchy of Courland and Semigallia, a northern fief of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, ceases to exist and becomes part of Imperial Russia.
1794:Allies under the prince of Coburg defeat French forces at Le Cateau.
1776:Juan Bautista de Anza finds the site for the Presidio of San Francisco.
1204:The Siege of Château Gaillard ends in a French victory over King John of England, who loses control of Normandy to King Philip II Augustus.
845:Paris is sacked by Viking raiders, probably under Ragnar Lodbrok, who collects a huge ransom in exchange for leaving.
364:Roman Emperor Valentinian I appoints his brother Flavius Valens co-emperor.
193:Roman Emperor Pertinax is assassinated by Praetorian Guards, who then sell the throne in an auction to Didius Julianus.
37:Roman Emperor Caligula accepts the titles of the Principate, entitled to him by the Senate.

March 28 Birthdays, Who born on March 28th

1995 Jonathan Drouin (Canadian ice hockey player)
1995 Rachel Farley (American country music singer)
1995 Aleksi Mustonen Finnish ice hockey player ()
1995 Daniela Schippers (Guatemalan tennis player)
1992 Sergi Gómez (Spanish footballer)
1992 Liam Hess (English actor)
1991 Amy Bruckner (American actress)
1991 Lisa-Maria Moser (Austrian tennis player)
1991 Marie-Philip Poulin (Canadian ice hockey player)
1991 Lee Ho-won (Korean boyband Infinite member)
1990 Dok2 (South Korean rapper)
1990 Joe Bennett (English footballer)
1990 Zac Clarke (Australian footballer)
1990 Luca Marrone (Italian footballer)
1989 Logan Couture (Canadian ice hockey player)
1989 David Goodwillie (Scottish footballer)
1989 Lukas Jutkiewicz (English footballer)
1989 Mira Leung (Canadian figure skater)
1989 Marek Suchý (Czech footballer)
1988 Patrick Mayer (German footballer)
1988 Ryan Kalish (American baseball player)
1988 Lacey Turner (English actress)
1987 Yohan Benalouane (French-Tunisian footballer)
1987 Lee Hea-Kang (South Korean footballer)
1987 Kagney Linn Karter (American porn actress)
1986 Abuda (Brazilian footballer)
1986 J-Kwon (American rapper)
1986 Lady Gaga (American singer-songwriter)
1986 Yoon Joon-Soo (South Korean footballer)
1986 Barbora Záhlavová-Strýcová (Czech tennis player)
1985 Stefano Ferrario (Italian footballer)
1984 Yordanos Abay (Ethiopian footballer)
1984 Mikk-Mihkel Arro (Estonian decathlete)
1984 Ol Drake (English guitarist and songwriter (Evile))
1984 Christopher Samba (Congolese footballer)
1984 Nikki Sanderson (British actress and model)
1983 Ryan Ashington (English footballer)
1982 Sonia Agarwal (Indian actress)
1982 Luis Tejada (Panamanian footballer)
1981 Daniel Cardoso (Portuguese multi-instrumentalist)
1981 Gareth David-Lloyd (Welsh actor)
1981 Lindsay Frimodt (American model)
1981 Rasmus Kaljujärv (Estonian actor)
1981 Edwar Ramirez (American baseball player)
1981 Antonio Rizzo (Italian footballer)
1981 Julia Stiles (American actress)
1980 Stiliani Pilatou (Greek long jumper)
1980 Rasmus Seebach (Danish singer-songwriter and producer)
1980 Luke Walton (American basketball player)
1980 David Lee (English footballer)
1979 Crystal Cox (American runner)
1979 Chae Rim (South Korean actress)
1978 Último Gladiador (Mexican wrestler)
1977 Yuriy Fenin (Ukrainian footballer)
1977 Erik Rasmussen (American ice hockey player)
1977 Lauren Weisberger (American author)
1977 Annie Wersching (American actress)
1976 Dave Keuning (American singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Killers))
1976 Talis Kitsing (Estonian kickboxing trainer and politician (d. 2009))
1976 Rory McAllister (Scottish wrestler)
1976 Chitrangada Singh (Indian actress)
1975 Kate Gosselin (American author)
1975 Iván Helguera (Spanish footballer)
1975 Derek Hill (American race car driver)
1975 Richard Kelly (American director)
1975 Shanna Moakler (American model and actress)
1975 Matt Reis (American soccer player)
1974 Mark King (English snooker player)
1973 Umaga (American wrestler (d. 2009))
1973 Scott Mills (English radio host and actor)
1973 Matt Nathanson (American singer-songwriter and guitarist)
1973 Morné van der Merwe (South African rugby player (d. 2013))
1972 Nick Frost (English actor and screenwriter)
1972 Eby J. Jose (Indian journalist)
1972 Keith Tkachuk (American ice hockey player)
1971 Mr. Cheeks (American rapper (The Lost Boyz))
1971 Christianne Meneses Jacobs (Nicaraguan-American journalist and educator)
1971 Wesley Person (American basketball player)
1970 Michelle Gildernew (Irish politician)
1970 Vince Vaughn (American actor)
1970 Jennifer Weiner (American journalist and author)
1970 Aiga Zagorska (Latvian-Lithuanian cyclist)
1969 Rodney Atkins (American singer-songwriter and guitarist)
1969 Daniel Laperrière (Canadian ice hockey player and coach)
1969 Brett Ratner (American director and producer)
1968 Colin Brazier (English journalist)
1968 Iris Chang (American journalist and author (d. 2004))
1968 Nasser Hussain (Indian-English cricketer)
1968 Jon Lee (English-American drummer (The Darling Buds)
1968 Tim Lovejoy (English television host)
1968 Max Perlich (American actor)
1967 John Ziegler (German-American radio host and director)
1966 Cheryl James (American rapper and actress (Salt-n-Pepa))
1965 Steve Bull (English footballer and manager)
1964 Pablo Contrisciani (Argentinian-American painter)
1963 Chieko Honda (Japanese voice actress (d. 2013))
1963 Jan Masiel (Polish politician)
1962 Jure Franko (Slovenian skier)
1962 Terry Szopinski (American wrestler)
1961 Orla Brady (Irish actress)
1961 Byron Scott (American basketball player and coach)
1960 Chris Barrie (German-English actor)
1960 José Maria Neves (Cape Verdeian politician)
1960 Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt (French-Belgian author and playwright)
1959 Laura Chinchilla (Costa Rican politician)
1959 Chris Myers (American sportscaster)
1958 Edesio Alejandro (Cuban composer)
1958 Brickhouse Brown (American wrestler)
1958 Bart Conner (American gymnast)
1958 Lou Franceschetti (Canadian ice hockey player)
1957 Paul Eiding (American voice actor)
1956 Susan Ershler (American mountaineer and author)
1956 April Margera (American author)
1955 John Alderdice (Baron Alderdice)
1955 Reba McEntire (American singer-songwriter)
1954 Morris Mason (American rapist and murderer (d. 1985))
1954 Donald Brown (American pianist)
1953 Melchior Ndadaye (Burundian politician)
1952 Keith Ashfield (Canadian politician)
1952 Tony Brise (English race car driver (d. 1975))
1951 Karen Kain (Canadian ballerina)
1951 Matti Pellonpää (Finnish actor and singer (d. 1995))
1950 Claudio Lolli (Italian singer-songwriter)
1949 Ronnie Ray Smith (American sprinter (d. 2013))
1948 Matthew Corbett (English actor)
1948 John Evan (English keyboard player)
1948 Dennis Unkovic (American lawyer and author)
1948 Dianne Wiest (American actress)
1948 Milan Williams (American keyboard player (The Commodores) (d. 2006))
1947 John Records Landecker (American radio host)
1947 Greg Thompson (Canadian politician)
1946 Wubbo Ockels (Dutch physicist and astronaut)
1946 Henry Paulson (American economist)
1946 Alejandro Toledo (Peruvian politician)
1945 Dan Alon (Israeli fencer)
1945 Björn Hamilton (Swedish politician)
1944 Rick Barry (American basketball player and sportscaster)
1944 Ken Howard (American actor)
1943 Conchata Ferrell (American actress)
1943 Pierre St.-Jean (Canadian weightlifter)
1942 Michel Bissonnet (Canadian lawyer and politician)
1942 Daniel Dennett (American philosopher)
1942 Kitanofuji Katsuaki (Japanese sumo wrestler)
1942 Neil Kinnock (Welsh politician)
1942 Mike Newell (English director and producer)
1942 Samuel Ramey (American opera singer)
1942 Conrad Schumann (German soldier (d. 1998))
1942 Jerry Sloan (American basketball player and coach)
1941 Alf Clausen (American composer)
1941 Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson (American author)
1941 Jim Turner (American football player)
1940 Tony Barber (English-Australian game show host)
1940 Yves Bérubé (Canadian engineer and politician (d. 1993))
1940 Luis Cubilla (Uruguayan footballer and coach (d. 2013))
1938 Hans-Jürgen Bäsler (German footballer (d. 2002))
1937 Liz Trotta (American journalist)
1936 Mario Vargas Llosa (Peruvian-Spanish journalist and author)
1935 Michael Parkinson (English journalist and author)
1934 Lester R. Brown (American environmentalist)
1933 Tete Montoliu (Spanish pianist (d. 1997))
1933 Frank Murkowski (American politician)
1931 Vaino Väljas (Soviet Estonian politician and diplomat)
1930 Robert Ashley (American composer)
1930 Elizabeth Bainbridge (English soprano)
1930 Jerome Isaac Friedman (American physicist)
1929 Paul England (Australian race car driver)
1928 Zbigniew Brzezinski (Polish-American geostrategist and politician)
1928 Alexander Grothendieck (German mathematician)
1927 Marianne Fredriksson (Swedish author (d. 2007))
1927 Vina Mazumdar (Indian academic and activist (d. 2013))
1926 Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart (18th Duchess of Alba)
1925 Dorothy DeBorba (American actress (d. 2010))
1924 Freddie Bartholomew (English-American actor (d. 1992))
1924 Byrd Baylor (American author)
1924 Fred Flanagan (Australian footballer (d. 2013))
1923 Ike Isaacs (American bassist (d. 1981))
1923 Thad Jones (American trumpet player and composer (The Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra) (d. 1986))
1922 Neville Bonner (Australian politician (d. 1999))
1922 Felice Chiusano (Italian singer (Quartetto Cetra) (d. 1990))
1922 Joey Maxim (American boxer (d. 2001))
1922 B. Neminathan (Ceylon politician)
1921 Harold Agnew (American physicist (d. 2013))
1921 Dirk Bogarde (English actor and author (d. 1999))
1921 Herschel Grynszpan (German assassin of Ernst vom Rath (d. 1960))
1921 Walter Neugebauer (Croatian-German author (d. 1992))
1919 Jacob Avshalomov (American composer and conductor (d. 2013))
1919 Vic Raschi (American baseball player and coach (d. 1988))
1917 Claude Bertrand (Canadian surgeon)
1915 Jay Livingston (American singer-songwriter (d. 2001))
1914 Edward Anhalt (American screenwriter (d. 2000))
1914 Bohumil Hrabal (Czech author (d. 1997))
1914 Edmund Muskie (American politician)
1914 Kenneth Richard Norris (Australian entomologist (d. 2003))
1912 A. Bertram Chandler English-Australian author (d. 1984) ()
1912 Marina Raskova (Russian navigator (d. 1943))
1910 Frederick Baldwin Adams (Jr.)
1910 Jimmie Dodd (American actor (d. 1964))
1910 Ingrid of Sweden (d. 2000) ()
1909 Nelson Algren (American author (d. 1981))
1907 Norrey Ford (English author (d. 1985))
1907 Irving Paul Lazar (American talent agent (d. 1993))
1907 Lúcia Santos (Portuguese nun and mystic (d. 2005))
1906 Murray Adaskin (Canadian violinist)
1905 Pandro S. Berman (American film producer (d. 1996))
1905 Marlin Perkins (American zoologist and television host (d. 1986))
1903 Rudolf Serkin (Czech-American pianist (d. 1991))
1903 Charles Starrett (American actor (d. 1986))
1902 Flora Robson (English actress (d. 1984))
1902 Jaromír Vejvoda (Czech composer (d. 1988))
1900 Edward Wagenknecht (American critic and educator (d. 2004))
1899 Gussie Busch (American businessman (d. 1989))
1899 Harold B. Lee (American religious leader)
1899 Buck Shaw (American football player and coach (d. 1977))
1897 Sepp Herberger (German footballer and manager (d. 1977))
1897 Tillie Voss (American football player (d. 1975))
1895 Christian Herter (American politician)
1895 Spencer W. Kimball (American religious leader)
1894 Ernst Lindemann (German captain (d. 1941))
1893 Spyros Skouras (Greek-American businessman (d. 1971))
1892 Corneille Heymans (Belgian physiologist)
1892 Tom Maguire (Irish general (d. 1993))
1890 Paul Whiteman (American bandleader and composer (d. 1967))
1881 Martin Sheridan (Irish-American discus thrower and jumper (d. 1918))
1879 Terence MacSwiney (Irish author)
1873 John Geiger (American rower (d. 1956))
1871 Willem Mengelberg (Dutch conductor (d. 1951))
1868 Maxim Gorky (Russian author (d. 1936))
1866 Jimmy Ross (Scottish footballer (d. 1902))
1862 Aristide Briand (French politician)
1851 Bernardino Machado (Portuguese politician)
1849 James Darmesteter (French author and historian (d. 1894))
1842 William Harvey Carney (American sergeant)
1840 Emin Pasha (Egyptian physician and politician (d. 1892))
1836 Frederick Pabst (German-American brewer)
1819 Joseph Bazalgette (English engineer (d. 1891))
1818 Wade Hampton III (American lieutenant and politician)
1815 Arsène Houssaye (French author and poet (d. 1896))
1811 John Neumann (Czech-American bishop and saint (d. 1860))
1806 Thomas Hare (English political scientist (d. 1891))
1795 Georg Heinrich Pertz (German historian (d. 1876))
1793 Henry Schoolcraft (American geographer)
1773 Henri Gatien Bertrand (French general (d. 1844))
1760 Thomas Clarkson (English activist (d. 1846))
1750 Francisco de Miranda (Venezuelan soldier (d. 1816))
1725 Andrew Kippis (English clergyman and author (d. 1795))
1652 Samuel Sewall (American judge (d. 1730))
1638 Frederik Ruysch (Dutch botanist and anatomist (d. 1731))
1621 Heinrich Schwemmer German composer and educator (d. 1696) ()
1613 Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang of China (d. 1688) ()
1599 Witte Corneliszoon de With (Dutch captain (d. 1658))
1592 John Amos Comenius (Czech bishop and educator (d. 1670))
1569 Ranuccio I Farnese (Duke of Parma (d. 1622))
1522 Albert Alcibiades (Margrave of Brandenburg-Kulmbach (d. 1557))
1515 Teresa of Ávila (Spanish nun and saint (d. 1582))
1472 Fra Bartolomeo (Italian painter (d. 1517))
661 Muawiyah II (Arab caliph (d. 684))
623 Marwan I (Arab caliph (d. 685))

March 28 deaths, Who died on March 28th

2013 George E. P. Box (English-American statistician and educator (b. 1919))
2013 Manuel García Ferré (Spanish-Argentinian animator (b. 1929))
2013 Richard Griffiths (English actor (b. 1947))
2013 Soraya Jiménez (Mexican weightlifter (b. 1977))
2013 Art Malone (American race car driver (b. 1936))
2013 Hugh McCracken (American guitarist and producer (b. 1942))
2013 Heinz Patzig (German footballer and manager (b. 1929))
2013 Robert V. Remini (American historian)
2013 Boris Strel (Slovenian skier (b. 1959))
2013 Gus Triandos (American baseball player (b. 1930))
2013 Robert Zildjian (American businessman)
2012 John Arden (English playwright (b. 1930))
2012 Alexander Arutiunian (Armenian pianist and composer (b. 1920))
2012 Harry Crews (American author and playwright (b. 1935))
2012 Earl Scruggs (American banjo player (Foggy Mountain Boys) (b. 1924))
2011 Wenche Foss (Norwegian actress (b. 1917))
2010 Herb Ellis (American guitarist (b. 1921))
2010 June Havoc (Canadian-American actress)
2009 Maurice Jarre (French-American composer and conductor (b. 1924))
2006 Pro Hart (Australian painter (b. 1928))
2006 Vethathiri Maharishi (Indian philosopher and author (b. 1911))
2006 Proinsias Ó Maonaigh (Irish fiddler (b. 1922))
2006 Charles Schepens (Belgian-American ophthalmologist (b. 1912))
2006 Caspar Weinberger (American politician)
2005 Moura Lympany (English pianist (b. 1916))
2005 Robin Spry (Canadian director)
2004 Peter Ustinov (English-Swiss actor)
2003 Rusty Draper (American singer (b. 1923))
2001 Moe Koffman (Canadian flute player)
2000 Anthony Powell (English author (b. 1905))
1996 Shin Kanemaru (Japanese politician)
1995 Hugh O'Connor (Italian-American actor (b. 1962))
1994 Eugène Ionesco (Romanian-French playwright (b. 1909))
1993 Scott Cunningham (American author (b. 1956))
1992 Nikolaos Platon (Greek archaeologist (b. 1909))
1989 Robert J. Wilke (American actor (b. 1914))
1987 Patrick Troughton (English actor (b. 1920))
1987 Maria von Trapp (Austrian-American singer (b. 1905))
1986 Virginia Gilmore. American actress (b. 1919) ()
1985 Marc Chagall (Russian painter (b. 1887))
1984 Carmen Dragon (American conductor and composer (b. 1914))
1983 Suzanne Belperron (French jewelry designer (b. 1900))
1982 William Giauque (Canadian chemist)
1980 Dick Haymes (Argentinian-American actor and singer (b. 1918))
1979 Emmett Kelly (American clown (b. 1898))
1978 Dino Ciani (Croatian-Italian pianist (b. 1941))
1977 Eric Shipton (Sri Lankan-English mountaineer (b. 1907))
1976 Richard Arlen (American actor (b. 1898))
1974 Arthur Crudup (American singer-songwriter and guitarist (b. 1905))
1974 Dorothy Fields (American songwriter (b. 1905))
1974 Françoise Rosay (French actress and singer (b. 1891))
1971 Robert Hunter (American golfer (b. 1886))
1969 Dwight D. Eisenhower (American general and politician)
1969 Aryeh Levin (Lithuanian rabbi (b. 1885))
1965 Clemence Dane (English author and playwright (b. 1888))
1965 Jack Hoxie (American actor (b. 1885))
1965 Charles William Train (English sergeant)
1963 Antonius Bouwens (Dutch target shooter (b. 1876))
1962 Hugo Wast (Argentinian author (b. 1883))
1958 W. C. Handy (American trumpet player and composer (b. 1873))
1953 Jim Thorpe (American football player and coach (b. 1887))
1949 Grigoraș Dinicu (Romanian violinist and composer (b. 1889))
1947 Karol Świerczewski (Polish general (b. 1897))
1946 Chick Fullis (American baseball player (b. 1904))
1944 Stephen Leacock (English-Canadian political scientist and author (b. 1869))
1943 Sergei Rachmaninoff (Russian pianist)
1942 Miguel Hernández (Spanish poet and playwright (b. 1910))
1941 Marcus Hurley (American cyclist (b. 1883))
1941 Kavasji Jamshedji Petigara (Indian police officer (b. 1877))
1941 Virginia Woolf (English author and critic (b. 1882))
1939 Francis Matthew John Baker (Australian politician (b. 1903))
1937 Karol Szymanowski (Polish pianist and composer (b. 1882))
1934 Mahmoud Mokhtar (Egyptian sculptor (b. 1891))
1929 Lomer Gouin (Canadian lawyer and politician)
1928 Nathan Stubblefield (American inventor (b. 1860))
1927 Joseph-Médard Émard (Canadian archbishop (b. 1853))
1923 Charles Hubbard (American archer (b. 1849))
1910 David Josiah Brewer (American jurist (b. 1837))
1910 Édouard Colonne (French violinist and conductor (b. 1838))
1908 Hermann Clemenz (Estonian chess player (d. 1846))
1884 Prince Leopold (Duke of Albany (b. 1853))
1881 Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky (Russian composer (b. 1839))
1874 Peter Andreas Hansen (Danish astronomer (b. 1795))
1870 George Henry Thomas (American general (b. 1816))
1868 James Brudenell (7th Earl of Cardigan)
1866 Solomon Foot (American lawyer and politician (b. 1802))
1865 Petrus Hofman Peerlkamp (Dutch scholar and critic (b. 1786))
1850 Gerard Brandon (American politician)
1818 Antonio Capuzzi (Italian violinist and composer (b. 1755))
1794 Marquis de Condorcet (French mathematician and philosopher (b. 1743))
1687 Constantijn Huygens (Dutch poet and composer (b. 1596))
1584 Ivan the Terrible (Russian king (b. 1530))
1583 Magnus (Duke of Holstein (b. 1540))
1566 Sigismund von Herberstein (Austrian historian and diplomat (b. 1486))
1563 Heinrich Glarean (Swiss poet and theorist (b. 1488))
1552 Guru Angad Indian guru (b.1504) ()
1285 Pope Martin IV (b. 1220) ()
1241 Valdemar II of Denmark (b. 1170) ()
1239 Emperor Go-Toba of Japan (b. 1180) ()
1072 Ordulf (Duke of Saxony (b. 1022))
193 Pertinax (Roman emperor (b. 126))