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Search for missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 finds shipwreck

In the search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, crews discovered an uncharted shipwreck, officials said Wednesday.

MH370 search discovers uncharted shipwreck

Crews searching for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 stumbled upon an uncharted shipwreck in the Indian Ocean.

MH370 search finds uncharted shipwreck

    SYDNEY — The hunt for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 has uncovered a previously uncharted shipwreck deep underwater, leading officials to say on Wednesday that if the plane is in their search zone they will find it. The Australian-led team is scouring the

Uncharted shipwreck discovered during MH370 search

A previously unknown shipwreck was discovered by searchers during a search for the missing flight MH370. The shipwreck is said to be in the southern Indian Ocean, and it involves a 19th century cargo ship. Which cargo ship isn't known, since it wasn't uncommon for them to sink during the voyage -- w

Couple who stole from MH370 victims to be tried soon

The couple allegedly stole money amounting to RM85,180 from the accounts belonging to four victims of MH370

Search crews still haven't found Flight MH370, but they just discovered a shipwreck no one knew exis...

The unexpected finding came when sonar equipment on board a search vessel scouring the Indian Ocean for the missing jetliner detected a cluster of objects

MH370 search detects ancient shipwreck, but no plane

The $90 million search for the long-missing MH370 plane has detected some surprising finds in the southern Indian Ocean debris that is believed to be from an ancient shipwreck. Search teams from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau have detected "man-made objects," such as an anchor from a ship,

Crews Searching for Missing Malaysia Plane Find Shipwreck

Search crews hunting for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in the desolate waters off western Australia have discovered a shipwreck, officials said Wednesday. The unexpected finding came when sonar equipment on board a search vessel scouring the Indian Ocean for the missing jetliner detected a clust

MH370 Hunt Finds Wreckage ... Just Not Right Wreckage

The painstaking search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 has found wreckage of a ship on the floor of the Indian Ocean.

Malaysia Airlines MH370: search for missing aircraft uncovers shipwreck in Indian Ocean

The search for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane MH370 aircraft has found a previously unknown shipwreck at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

MH370 Search Team Make Mysterious Discovery

The search team looking for the wreckage of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane have made an unexpected discovery.

MH370 search finds uncharted shipwreck

Data from a high-resolution sonar scan using an autonomous underwater vehicle revealed possible items, mostly only about the size of a cricket ball, some 3,900 metres (12,795 feet) underwater.

Shipwreck Discovered During Flight MH370 Search Called 'A Fascinating Find' [PHOTOS]

A vessel involved in the search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 has discovered a shipwreck on the seafloor in the waters off western Australia, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) announced Wednesday. The wreckage, described as a "fascinating find," includes lumps of coal and an

MH370 search discovers shipwreck

The search for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 uncovers a previously unknown shipwreck, raising hopes that the missing jet could be found.

MH370 search finds...a shipwreck?

The hunt for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 has uncovered a previously uncharted shipwreck, but officials are still hopeful for the search.

Shipwreck discovered during MH370 search

MH370 searchers have spotted a shipwreck and will send images to expert marine archaeologists for possible identification.

MH370 search finds 'man made objects'

AFTER more than six months of scouring the floor of the southern Indian Ocean the search for MH370 has found debris. But it doesn’t belong to the missing plane.

Search for missing MH370 plane turns up shipwreck in Indian Ocean

The search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 finds a shipwreck on the sea floor of the southern Indian Ocean.

Australia to commit extra $63 million to MH370 search

The hunt for the plane, spanning 60,000 square kilometres (23,166 square miles), is focusing on a narrow strip of water in the remote southern Indian Ocean and is due to end later this month.

Image of Asia: MH370 relatives hold peaceful sit-in

In this photo by Mark Schiefelbein, security personnel surround family members of passengers from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 as they protest outside China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beijing. About 20 family members...

Veteran pilot says MH370 no longer a mystery

Writing in the Australian newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, veteran pilot Byron Bailey said the aircraft was hijacked

MH370 search to change in winter

AS the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 shifts gears for winter, authorities say the plane may never be recovered if it's inaccessible.

Restructuring Malaysia Airlines to sell long-haul jets: Flightglobal

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia’s national carrier Malaysia Airlines is planning to sell off some of its aircraft as part of its restructuring efforts, aviation news website Flightglobal reported. After two air disasters and years of losses, the national carrier was taken private last year by Malaysian

Why is it impossible for MH370 to be in Bay of Bengal?

Volunteer investigator Andre Milne demands an explanation as to why Aussie government is opposed to him searching for the plane in the Bay of Bengal.

Australian coordinators of MH370 dismiss theory about aircraft resting in Bay of Bengal

Australian coordinators of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 search have dismissed new theory by "volunteer investigator" Andre Milne that insisted that the aircraft is in the Bay of Bengal.According to, the self described aviation ...

How fish fossils can help us build better submarines

The ocean, which covers the vast majority of the world's surface, holds many secrets. For more than a year a multinational team has tried to find the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 on the bottom of it without success. But it turns out fish fossils could help us explore it.

Aviation expert claims has spotted MH370 wreck between India and Malaysia in Bay of Bengal

An aviation technology expert has reportedly claimed that he has spotted the remains of missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 but needs 1.3 million pounds to find it.Andre Milne, who has been investigating the case independently since the flight ...

MH370 search to return to square one and comb for any missed clues

Experts searching for missing plane MH370 will review data collected about a year ago to ensure no clues as to the plane's fate have been missed.

MH370 search going back to square one

MORE than 400 days into a frustrating and fruitless search, the authorities looking for MH370 have announced they are re-examining their data and methodology.

Malaysia suffered cyber-attack after MH370 disappeared

Cyber security expert claims phishing e-mails were used to infiltrate navy, police and civil aviation departments

MH370 victims: Matters related to Islam being addressed

National Fatwa Council rules all matters relating to religion pertaining to MH370 victims can be solved accordingly.

Time for Australia to prove theory on MH370

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau should send a plane along the assumed calculated flight path taken by missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

MH370 'deliberately wrecked'

VETERAN jet pilot BYRON BAILEY outlines why he believes MH370 was deliberately wrecked and may never be found.

400 days later: M'sia not giving up on finding MH370

Continuous SAR efforts are indicative of strong commitment to solve the biggest aviation mystery in history.

Search Area For Flight MH370 Could Be Doubled

The search area for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 will be doubled if the missing plane is not recovered by the end of May.

Search area for missing MH370 plane could double, ministers say

The search area for missing Malaysia Airlines plane MH370 will double if the wreckage is not found in the current 60,000-square-kilometre area by the end of May.